New jackson undercounter dishwasher jpx-300H


Subject: New jackson undercounter dishwasher jpx-300H
• Uses only 1.07 gallons of water per rack
• Maximum capacity of 24 racks per hour
• Two minute totally automatic cycle
— Automatic pumped drain for both floor and wall drain installations
• Incoming water pressure regulator
• Fresh water rinse rather than a recirculating rinse eliminates wash water
• Powerful 3/4 HP wash pump motor for excellent results
• Externally mounted all stainless steel wash pump, rather than typical sump
• Labyrinth type door design eliminates the need for a gasket door seal
• Simplified controls allow easy access for service as well as normal operation
• Strong construction for years of reliable service and durability
— 304 Series stainless steel construction
— No plastics and/or 400 Seriesstainless steels are utilized
• Manual override for extended wash and deliming purposes
• One dish rack and one combination cup, bowl, and silverware rack included
• Built-in 40°F rise booster heater performs dual duty — maintains wash
tank temperature as well as heats incoming water to 180°F to 195°F
• Optional 70°F rise booster heater.
Available at no additional charge.
Does not increase cycle time. Must be specified.
• Optional External chemical dispensing
package. Must be specified. Note that the unit comes with internal detergent
and rinse aid dispensing pumps.
Performance/Capacities Operating Capacity
Electric Booster (40°F Rise) 6.7 KW (@208V)
Electric Booster (70°F Rise) 8.2 KW (@208V)
Drainline Size OD (Inches) 1 3/8