New imperial space saver fryer & filter system


Subject: New imperial space saver fryer & filter system
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: Imperial Range Imperial Space Saver Gas Fryer & Filter system IFSSP-250 Many More Models Available Inside - Manufacturer: Imperial Range - Model: IFSSP-250
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Imperial Range Imperial Space Saver Gas Fryer & Filter system IFSSP-250
Many More Models Available Inside
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Imperial knows that filtering is vital in prolonging oil life and reducing operating expenses. Filtering also prevents taste transfer and keeps contaminants such as microscopic particles, moisture and free fatty acids from breaking down the oil. Imperials Space-Saver filter system simplifies the filtering process so the operator filters more often. Following the Imperial tradition, the Elite Space- Saver fryer/filter system's stainless steel exterior includes front door, sides, flue and joiner strips. The filter is located underneath the fryers, which saves valuable floor and hood space. The Space-Saver Filter can be utilized with 40, 50 and 75 lb. Fryers. The Imperial Elite fryer has higher BTU's in its tubefired heating system than any fryer in its price range. A large heat transfer area rapidly heats oil to the desired temperature and has a faster recovery than any open pot fryer. The three or four tube heating system heats the oil quickly resulting in less absorption and a better tasting product. It also reduces scorching for longer oil life. The large "cool zone" captures food particles keeping then from carbonizing in the fry zone. This feature reduces flavor transfer and prolongs oil life.Fryer, Gas, two floor model, w/Space Saver filter system, 50lb. fat cap. each, mechanical controls, s/s fry pot, 1-1/4" rear manifold, drain & return lines, s/s front and sides, casters, 120/60/1, 280,000 BTU. This item has the following features and specifications:
* Stainless steel front, door and sides.
* Space-Saver filter System located underneath fryers.
* Internally plumbed oil drain and return lines.
* Pre-Packaged System includes:
* Two 1/2in size baskets per fryer and stainless steel basket hanger.
* Stainless steel joiner strips.
* One-point connection 11/4in rear gas manifold.
* Single frame construction for added strength.
* Continuous 5in stainless steel landing ledge.
* Clean-out rod and Filter starter kit.
* One-year parts and labor warranty.
* Stainless steel fry tank has a 5-year pro-rated limited warranty.
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