New imperial 60IN restaurant range 4 gas burner oven


Subject: New imperial 60IN restaurant range 4 gas burner oven
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: Imperial 60in Restaurant Range 4 Gas Burner IR-4-G24 w 36in Griddle Many More Models Available Below - Model: IR-4-G24
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment
Imperial 60in Restaurant Range 4 Gas Burner IR-4-G24
w 36in Griddle Many More Models Available Below
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Please note: The item being offered is in natural gas, LP is available only as a convertion kit.
Imperial provides as standard many of the optional upgrades normally offered at a premium on other range lines. These ranges offer new features that proivide optimal performance, value and reduce operating costs.
The 28,000 BUT burner heads lift off for easy cleaning and are avaible in four high performance styles: the anit-clogging burner heard is standard. All-purpose, Saute and Wok jet burners heads are optional. Burner heads are interchangeable to provide the flexibility of matching the burner style to the specific cooking need. An anit-clogging pilot design saves maintenance costs. A unique Chef's depth 26" oven accommodates 18" x 26" sheet pans front-to-back. For easy cleaning, the oven interior is porcelainized on all five contact surfaces. An innovative dual heat deflector system provides an even heat flow pattern throughout the 35,000 oven. Cast iron top grates are designed in 18" x 26" sections to be removed easily and safety.
This item includes the following features:
* Four burners and a 24 inch Griddle
* 28,000 BTU lift-off burner heads
* Anti-clogging pilot shield is designed into the top grate
* 2 Chef's Depth (26"D) ovens accommodates 18" x 26" sheet pans front-to-back
* "U"- shaped burner and unique burner baffle
* Stainless steel front, ledge, sides, back guard and shelf
* 12" x 12" heavy-duty cast iron top grates remove easily and safely
* Top grate design allows pots to slide easily from section to section
* 5" wide stainless steel landing ledge provides a functional working area
* 26 1/2" wide oven is porcelainized on five contact surfaces for easy cleaning
* Oven door is removable for easy access, no tools are required
* One-year parts and labor warranty
* AGA and CGA design certified, NSF and CE listed
* Stainless Steel: Front oven door, sides, landing ledge, backguard with shelf, control panel and kick plate. Welded stainless steel seams.
* Control Knobs: Durable cast metal, polished chrome finish.
* Open Burners: 28,000 BTU/hr. lift-off burner heads. No gaskets, no screws.One standing pilot for each burner. Removable one piece drip tray.
* Top Grates: 12" x 12" lift-off sections, heavy-duty cast iron. Cast-in bowl directs heat upward. Top grate design includes an anti-clogging pilot shield.
* Griddles: Highly polished 3/4" plate with 3" wide stainless steel grease trough. 20,000 BTU burner for every 12" of griddle surface. Located on left side of range top. Manual controls are standard
* Chef's Depth Standard Oven: 261/2" wide x 26" deep x 14" high. 12 gauge construction with welded front frame. Fully insulated with non-sag fiberglass. Porcelainized oven interior includes: sides, rear, deck and door linings. Oven "U" burner provides 35,000 BTU/hr. One heavy-duty locking chrome plated rack.
* Controls: Thermostat adjustable from 150°F to 500°F. 100% safety pilot with matchless, push button ignition.
* Gas: Manifold pressure is 5.0" W.C. for natural gas or 10.0" for propane gas. Manifold size 3/4" NPT. 3/4" pressure regulator supplied with equipment to be installed at time of connection.
Clearance: For use only on non-combustible floors. Legs or casters are required for non-combustible floors; or 2" overhang is required when curb mounted. Provide 0" clearance from non-combustible surfaces and 8" from combustible surfaces.
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