New id-P2-100 pad printing with shuttle


Subject: New id-P2-100 pad printing with shuttle
ID-P2-100 pad printer with shuttle (New with 3 month Warranty)
1.Max. plate size: 100x100 mm£»
2.Max. worktable area: 100x120mm£»
3.Max. printing diameter: ¦µ90mm£»
4.Max. printing speed: 1000pcs/hr£»
6.Air consumption: 90Litre/min(6bar)£»
7.Wattage: 110/220v 60/50Hz 50w£»
8.Dimensions: 712x588x1294mm£»
1.Two-colour pad printer with shuttle activated by cylinder;
2.Each function controlled by microprocessor for easy operation;
3.Four-digit auto counter built-in;
4.One-piece steel welding structure for machine frame to ensure solidity and durablity;
5.Ink roller flooding for easy install/uninstall as well as cleanout;
6.Independent pad up/down stroke and speed asjustment;
7.Auto balanced doctor blade available for efficient ink scraping;
8.Printing speed asjustable to fullfil various requirements;
9."Inking twice, printing once" for better ink covering;
10.Able to sweep forward/backward without lowering pad to avoid ink drying at intervals;
11.One or two colours printable;
12.Two-colour ink tray base adjustable separately for easy colour registration adjustment;
13.Drying with auto air blowing for easy colour registration;
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