New id-195M hot stamp foil machine


Subject: New id-195M hot stamp foil machine
ID-195M hot stamp foil machine (New with 3 month Warranty)
1.Size of stamping plate: 150 x 200 mm;
3.Stamping height adjustable range =180 mm;
4.Max. stamping diameter: For whole circle: 60mm For partial circle: 160mm;
5.Stamping temperature adjustable range: 0 - 400oC;
6.Stamping foil pulling length: =450 mm;
7.Stroke of stamping plate: 53 mm;
8.Max. stamping pressure: 500 kgf (7bar);
9.Max. stamping speed: 1000 pcs/hr;
11.Air consumption: 100 litre/min;
12.Dimensions: 700 x 800 x 1500 mm;
1.Microprocessor control and LCD display English leads to simple operation;
2.Capable of adjusting the stamping pressure, the temperature and the speed;
3.Five-digit counter available;
4.Automatic rear-and-front worktable ensures safe and quick operation;
5.Worktable capable of slight adjustment of rear-and-front, left-and-right and rotation;
6.Automatic foil feeding and rolling with adjustable function;
7.High precision sensor available for foils feeding, ensures good registration;
8.Safe protection device installed;
9.The height of the stamping head has a great adjusting range, for large size workpiece.
10.Shuttle stable shift driving by pneumatic and oil cylinder, ensure the stamping quality of cylindrical workpiece;
11.Applicable of stamping cylindrical workpiece on shuttle workpiece, and stamping flat workpiece while uninstall the shuttle;
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