New ice o matic ice maker machine & bin ICE250FA / B25


Subject: New ice o matic ice maker machine & bin ICE250FA / B25
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Ice-O-Matic Is The Best Ice Making Solution for:
The closer you inspect for benefits and quality the more Ice-O-Matic stands apart from the competiton.
PURE ICE comes only from ICE-O-Matic.
PURE ICE is a built in antimicrobial protection that prevents bacteria and slime fungus growth on the ice making surfaces for THE LIFE OF THE ICE MAKER.
ICE-O-Matic's optional water filtration system provides further protection agains bad tastes, odors and scale formation.
ICE-O-Matic. Harvest Assist provides consistent production 24/7 for the life of the ICE maker. ICE is helped off of the evaporator freezing suface instead of relying soley on gravity. This method overpowers scale buildup. Your operating costs are reduced because Harvest assist delivers ice faster, with less melting than any other system available.
115 volt Cube ICE Makers are very energy efficient machines that offer maximum ICE prodcution with minimal kilowats per hour and water usage. This results in reduction of operating cost over the life of the ice maker.
The Cuber evaporator uses electroless nickel plating on all evaporator plates. This hard coating resist the damaging effects of water and ice over an extended period of time.
Good To Know: Kirby Nickel-Free Ice Machine cleaner is especially designed to protect factory coatings and thoroughly remove all scale buildup that could prevent maximum production. Protect your investment. Get Kirby Nickel S Ice Machine Cleaner.
No side clearance required...ICE-O-Matic uses a minimum amount of space with an ultra-low profile. This is a FREE optional feature. It is ideal for tight-fitting places.
Rust-resistant ICE-O-Matic ICE Makers are constructed from rugged 300 series stainless steel on the inside and a combination of stainless steel and industrial-grade fingerprint- proof molding on the outside.
You get a strong 3 year parts and labor warranty on all components plus and additional 2 years parts warranty on the compressor.
You get maximum ice preservation because of smart bin engineering. 1.5" to 3" of non CFC FOAM is forced under pressure to surround the polyethelne bin liner. This forms a perfect wall-to- wall bond insuring maximum ice pereservation.
Our Poly bin liner is sanitary and easy to clean while also resisting scratches and scuffs from ice scoops. Impact resistant Ployethylene bin interior prevents unsightly dents and chips, while eleminating the danger caused from rust and corrosion.
The large easy access door is designed to stay up and out of the way as you scoop ice.The low profile allows convenient access to he deepest part of the bin without a step stool.
Here is a feature you will appreciate more each day. The soft 5/8" rubber bumber on the inside of the bin door seals the bin against heat loss but it also dampens the harsh noice of slamming the door shut.
The bins 6" NSF approved adustable legs eleminate drainage problems by making it easy to level the unit on the most uneven floor.
ICE-O-Matic... it's the easiest choice you can make. It is the smart choice for Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Convenience Stores, Institutions and Healthcare Applications. You can purchase ICE-O-Matic with confidence.
Produces 352 lbs. of ice per 24 hour cycle at 70°F air and 50°F water, or 160 lbs. of ice per 24 hour cycle at 90°F air and 70°F water.
Operating requirements: Minimum 50°F air, 40°F water, 20 PSIG water pressure; Maximum 110°F air, 100°F water, 60 PSIG water pressure.
Power consumption: 8.4 KWH/100 lbs. Potable water usage: 30.1 gallons/100 lbs.
Bin capacity: 365 lb. application capacity. 270 lb. ARI capacity,
Minimum Clearance for air cooled 6" for air intake and exhaust
ICE Cube Size and Shape: Full Cube 7/8 x 7/8 7/8 inches
* Manufacturer Model #: ICE0250FA / B25PS
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Stainless steel exterior with black fingerprint proof molding [ TOP ]
5 Years 3 years parts and labor all components plus 2 additonal years parts for compressor.. [ TOP ]
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