New hud-son k-saw firewood processor wood tool forest


Subject: New hud-son k-saw firewood processor wood tool forest
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This item has a 6.5HP Briggs & Stratton engine. Minimum loading length is 2 feet. The log deck type is a loader/deck. Log deck width 6'. Log deck length 5.5'. Log deck lift cylinder 2". In-feed conveyor is the chain type. Length is 11'2". Clamp type is spring loaded.
Saw bar is 36"x3/8"x50 gauge. Recommended saw is 440 Stihl+. Maximum log diameter 20". Pump is 1.5 GPM. Splitter is optional.
The K-SAW Processor is the perfect addition to your current wood splitter. The K-SAW is built to accept most current firewood splitters and make firewood in a fraction of the time. K-SAW processor comes standard with a log loader that also doubles as a log deck. It uses a 6.5 Briggs & Stratton engine to power the log loader and in-feed conveyor. The hydraulic valves are in the operator's area, allowing the operator to run the chainsaw, in-feed conveyor and splitter all in one space.
The K-SAW also comes standard with a 36" chainshaw bar; you supply the chainsaw or purchase one as an option., Also, you can fit most any wood splitter to the K-SAW or order the LITTLE JOE SPLITTER from Hud-Son that can be used separate from the K-SAW to split up those big blocks larger than 20" diameter. The K-SAW comes ready to tow with a 2" ball hitch, making it fully portable and quick to set back up.
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