New hepa station


Subject: New hepa station
Servicor Hepa Stations are designed for use where small contamination controlled work environments are required. They are self-contained, portable and provide class 100 Laminar Air Flow across the interior,enclosed work surface.
Depending on the Hepa Station size, each unit includes one or more variable speed, fan powered hepa filtered modules and one more under-cabinet light fixture. Each fan filter unit (FFU) features 99.99% efficient Hepa filtration at .3 micron, has an anodized aluminum housing, and uses a white baked enamel face grille to protect the filter media above the work surface. They deliver up to 960 cfm of class 100 air to the work surface.
Swivel pad height leveling feet with adjustable lock nuts are provided as a standard for these units. Optional 4" high Cleanroom grade locking-type casters are available as noted below. Other options include various built-in table top work surfaces.
This particular Hepa Station is a 2'x4' Work Station Enclosure with a 2'x4' Built-in solid 304 Stainless Steel Table Top.
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Unit Construction : Hepa Station
Hepa Station is constructed of 2"x2" heavy duty, all welded steel freamework coated with white poyurethane baked enamel. Polyurethane is used because of its superior resistance to a wide range of chemicals and abrasives. The final baking process provides a porcelain-like surface.
The work area of each Hepa Station is typically enclused with 1/4" thick clear acrylic inset panels on both sides and back. Each acrylic panel is secured inside their steel frames with our exclusive CleanSeal™
attachement hardware system. A .060 thick removable clear flexible shield is attached to the top front of each hood and hangs down 14" to direct the flow of air correctly. 16 mil Clear PVC Stretch Panels, 60 mil Clear PVC Sheet material, and 80 mil Clear PVC Strip material is also available to cover the sides and back of the unit. These flexible PVC coverings can be customized to meet your requirements.
The electrical package included with each Hepa Station consists of two (2) 20 amp switch controlled outlets. The outlet inside the enclosure powers the light fixture and your work surface equipment. The outlet on top of the unit powers the FFU(s). An 8 foot power cord is built-in to the framework, and the duplex control switches are conveniently located at the top, front portion of each unit.
Heavy duty 14 Ga. #304 stainless steel with #4 polished surface and built-in to the Hepa Station.
A Truly Modular Cleanroom modular cleanrooms allow your company the ability to quickly, easily and cost effectively expand or reconfigure the size of your existing enclosure.
Simple Classification/Cleanliness Upgrades a primary differentiating factor between Servicor and all of our closest competitors is our Uni-Grid ceiling system. Unlike T-bar ceiling systems that can bow over time, the Uni-Grid system is durable to support easy upgrades. You can remove a ceiling tile and add additional fan filters without time-consuming adjustments. Each Uni-Grid ceiling is load bearing up to 250lbs to prevent production downtime for service and maintenance.
24 Years of Industry Experience - with more and more companies entering the cleanroom marketplace, you get what you pay for. A cheap system may not meet your needs over time and has the potential to cost you more in the long run.
Quotes To Match Your Specific Requirements if a quotation provides you with very little or vague information, you cannot compare “apples to apples or be sure of what you're getting. With our quotations, you gain details or customization as needed.
Quality Materials if outgassing is a concern for your application be aware that Epoxy is an outgassing material. Servicor powder paints all of our systems with a polyurethane material and uses a baking process at 450 degrees. Servicor's process ensures that all potential outgassing components are removed.