New heavy duty groundhog rubber track EX60-1,2,3,EX75


Subject: New heavy duty groundhog rubber track EX60-1,2,3,EX75
New GroundHog Heavy Duty Rubber Tracks to fit EX60-1,2,3,5 EX75UR and others. 450x81x72 These are short/half pitch tracks. This design is much more durable. There are twice as many links so the each sprocket tooth contacts the pins as the track turns. Groundhog offers a complete line of undercarriage for all brands of mini to mid size excavators. We also offer tracks and pads to fit many other small machines such as skid steer loaders and crawler carriers. We continue to stock more and more sizes everyday. If we don't have your size then we can try to find the size that you are needing from another dealer or we can you can order what ever size you need. Simply let us know how we can help and we will be glad to assist you. Our tracks are made with the finest and most durable rubber available. The structural design, stregth, and performance come second to none. All Groundhog tracks are continuous in design meaning that there are no weak points. The steel cables hold the load bearing parts of the track with no point of jointment. You will not keep breaking tracks again and again after you have given us a chance. Our tracks are 40% stronger than original and other traditionally made tracks. All tracks should be made this way. Why are they all not made this way? Answer..Cost of production. Our tracks cost much more to produce using this method but are well worth it. The good news is that we now offering our high quality line for less than the cheaply made competition. Thanks to our products straight supply chain we can offer quality tracks at the best price Guaranteed. You do not need to know the exact size of the replacement tracks for your mini excavator but it does help. In most cases we can determine the size you need. All Groundhog tracks come with a one year/ 1000 hour warranty. Refund will be subject to factory inspection and will not cover damage caused from unnatural wear due to abuse or misuse. We also have steel track assemblies for PC75, EX60, E70, and 307. We also have center flange rollers for PC75 that will allow you to use steel tracks and rubber tracks. We continue to stock more and more everyday. Please browse our site for more information and feel free to contact us or fill out the online request form for any additional information.