New globe chefmate 20 qt countertop vertical food mixer


Subject: New globe chefmate 20 qt countertop vertical food mixer
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Motor and Transmission• Gear driven, high torque transmission
• Heat-treated hardened steel alloy gears
• Permanently lubricated transmission
• Thermal overload protection
• Stainless steel bowl guard with built in
• NSF approved enamel gray paint
• #12 attachment hub, front mounted
• Safety interlocked bowl guard and bowl lift
• 20 quart stainless steel bowl
Heavy duty meat grinder for #12 hub
Economy meat grinder for #12 hub
Stainless steel spiral dough hook
• 2 years parts and one year labor
bearing, air cooled, 110/60/1, 10 amps.
Thermal overload protection (manual
hardened alloy, precision milled gears
operate with planetary action. Gears
are packed in a long lasting, high
pressure grease. All shafts are
mounted in ball bearings. Transmission
gears are driven by direct linkage to the
motor drive shaft. This design yields
equipment includes a 20 quart #304
series stainless steel bowl, spiral dough
hook, stainless steel wire whip, flat
beater, stainless steel bowl guard with
built in ingredient chute, 15 minute
timer, non-slip rubber feet, and #12
attachment hub. A sturdy hand lever on
the body column raises and lowers the
bowl as well as locking in place at the
bowl lift lever are interlocked. The mixer
will automatically shut down when the
guard is opened or the bowl is lowered.
Overall Length = 21.9" (55.6 cm)
Overall Width = 22.4" (56.9 cm)
Overall Height = 34.5" (87.6 cm)
Net Weight: 176 lbs. (80 kgs.)
(81.3cm W x 101.6cm D x 121.9cm H)
Carton is affixed to a skid (pallet). The
weight and dimensions of this skid are
included above and may vary from