New generac 200AMP transfer switch model # 4945


Subject: New generac 200AMP transfer switch model # 4945
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2 year warranty for parts & labor
Your Generac Stand-by generator system constantly monitors your electrical service and within seconds of an outage automatically starts up and safely provides electricity to your home or business for as long as needed.
When electric power is restored, the Generac Stand-by generator system safely and automatically switches you back to your utility company and shuts off, ready for the next outage.
The stand-by generator system is designed to operate automatically with no intervention during an outage. It's so smart it even automatically exercises itself every 7 days - so it is always ready when needed!
Generac GENERAC 200Amp Transfer Switch 3R Model 4945 W/200A built-in breaker.
Automatically Restores Power During an Outage
The easy way to protect your home and family
Generac Power Systems is a reliable, independent power source for the home. Permanently wired into your electrical system, it automatically detects any power outage and switches on to keep your electrical appliances running without a hitch.
Unlike other pre-packaged systems, Generac includes an automatic transfer switch (standard equipment with all models). This device will ensure your vital electrical loads are powered, even when you are not there.
This transfer switch is the difference between a truly automatic generator set and just another generator. No toggles to flip, no knobs to turn, no extension cords to run when you lose utility power. You will have the comfort and peace-of-mind knowing that your Guardian emergency power system does everything for you... automatically.
Transfer Switch Models 05036 & 04945
Utility Voltage Monitor (fixed)
Service Disconnect Circuit Breaker
* When used with liquid-cooled models. If used with air-cooled models exercise duration will be 12 minutes.
Utility Voltage Monitor (fixed)
When used with air-cooled standby generator models. No exercise function takes place when used with the Ultra Source portable generators.
2 year warranty for parts & labor direct from your nearest Generac Dealer - Click for more information