New frymaster filter magic pro fryer filtration system


Subject: New frymaster filter magic pro fryer filtration system
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: Fryer Filter For Electric Fryer Frymaster Magic Pro FM-A More Models Available Below - Manufacturer: Frymaster - Model: FM-A
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Fryer Filter For Electric Fryer Frymaster Magic Pro FM-A
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The Frymaster Filter Magic PRO® System is specifically designed to extend shortening life. Filter Magic® does it fast, safely, simply; reducing operating costs and yielding a more consistent, higherquality product.
Fifty pounds (25 liters) of oil can be automatically filtered completely in about three minutes, while other fryers in the system are still in use. Any fryer in the battery can be filtered without moving the filter from fryer to fryer.
The process is as easy as: 1. Switch off the fryer; 2. Open drain valve; 3. Start filter pump. No special training required, nothing hot or messy to handle. Filter Magic® automatically filters oil as Frymaster's exclusive Power Shower® directs jets of hot oil down every inch of the frypot, flushing crumbs and sediment into the filtering system. After filtering, fresh oil is automatically pumped back into the frypot.
Filter Magic PRO® is available underneath one (up to six) fullsized fryers and contains a spreader.
Up to six of the following electric filter-ready models can be batteried to the right side of the Filter Magic PRO® system: H14, H17, H22, H14TC, H17TC, and H22TC. All Filter Magic PRO® electric systems are available with full vat, split vat or a combination of both.
* 1/3 H.P. Motor With 4 GPM Pump
* Stainless Steel Filter Pans
* Filter pan design has rounded, easy-to-clean corners - saves time and money
* Large capacity filter pan is lightweight for easy removal
* Filter pan designed on rails to clear floormats
* Ample cleaning space when filter pan is removed
* Space saving - saves hood expense, floor space
* Self contained - encourages frequent filtration which extends oil life and saves money
* Labor Saving - sloped drain pan leaves minimal shortening residue behind after filtering
* Increased diameter on oil pick-up tube prevents clogging
* Sleek rounded styling enhances aesthetics and allows easier cleaning
* Stainless steel alloy construction extends long frypot life even longer.
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