New frymaster 8C electric spaghetti magic pasta cooker


Subject: New frymaster 8C electric spaghetti magic pasta cooker
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: Frymaster 8C Electric Spaghetti Magic Pasta Cooker 8C-SC More Items Available Below - Manufacturer: Frymaster - Model: 8C-SC
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Frymaster 8C Electric Spaghetti Magic Pasta Cooker 8C-SC
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8C Spaghetti Magic® System Electric Pasta Cooker
The 8C Spaghetti Magic® incorporates all the features the industry has been looking for in a pasta cooker.
* Electronic, programmable controls make it easy to turn 6 lbs. (3 kg) of dry pasta into 15 lbs. (7 kg) of cooked pasta, exactly as desired every time; and do it all automatically and reliably. In addition to Frymaster's exclusive smooth-surfaced, easy-clean, touch-pad control, Spaghetti Magic® features a deep-drawn cookpot with no edge or corner welds. The unit delivers 8 kW of power, meaning faster preheat and recovery performance, which saves time and allows the operator to turn pasta orders faster. The system is safeguarded against boil-over by an overflow drain, the largest overflow in the industry, which carries away any excess water and starch that might be added to the cookpot.
* Another labor-saver and performance feature is a large 1-1/4" (32 mm) drain, which reduces the time needed to drain the system and virtually eliminates the chance of clogs, which is common in pasta cookers with smaller drain openings.
* Frymaster's automatic basket lift feature makes it easy to achieve precise cook times without standing over the cooker. To keep the water surface free from excessive starch residue within the cookpot, an optional auto-fill/starch skimmer is available. Water sprayed from jets moves the starch across the surface water to the overflow drain. The starch skim feature eliminates the loss of cooking time that would be incurred in draining the cookpot when starch buildup becomes too great and keeps cooking water at the desired level by replacing water evaporated away during the cooking process. It also saves on energy since there is no need to reheat a refilled cookpot. All the many features of Frymaster's new pasta cooker, make it the most advanced, most automatic, most reliable cooker on the market today; and because it's electric, it can be installed without hood venting in many markets. Frymaster pasta systems has the following features and specifications:
* Advanced electronic programmable controls for consistently superior results.
* The largest overflow drain in the industry to guard against boil-over
* Smooth, easy-clean control panel
* Deep-drawn cookpot - no edge or corner welds
* 8 kW of power - faster preheat & recovery performance
* Delivers 1080 - 10 oz. servings of reconstituted pasta per hour
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