New free shipping -nortrac bulldozer-30 hp-brand


Subject: New free shipping -nortrac bulldozer-30 hp-brand
Incredibly strong and versatile 30 HP bulldozer reduces hours of work in minutes! The 3-cylinder, 30 HP diesel engine provides enough power to move dirt and gravel around your jobsite. The manual 8 forward and 2 reverse speed transmission provides the right gear for any situation. Engine perfomance is monitored by the fuel, oil pressure, and temperature gauges as well as the Amp meter and tachometer. The 8 gallon fuel tank provides enough fuel to run for up to 6 hours on a single fill. With a category I rear hitch and 540/1000 RPM PTO, the dozer can be used with implements such as a backhoe, post hole digger, cultivator, log splitter and more! The 6 way blade is 64 1/2in. W x 26in. H. The blade has a 20in. lift and will dig down to 8in. The 43 1/8in. gauge steel track has a maximum ground pressure of 4.96 PSI. Track width is 10 1/4in. Crawler is 122in. L x 64 1/2in. W x 84 1/4in. H. Consumer use 6 month limited warranty on parts and labor. See below for additional product information.
Delivery Time: 7-10 Business Days
Overall Length with Blade: 116.5in.
Overall Width (blade width, straight): 64.5in.
Overall Height to Top of ROPS: 84in.
Crawler Width (no blade): 55.5in.
Track Length on Ground: 53.5in.
Blade Capacity: .876 cubic yards
Bore/Stroke/Capacity/Cylinder: 95mm/105mm/2.23L/3
Displacement Cylinders: 3.74in./4.13in./136 cubic inches/3
Maximum Power/RPM: 22 kW/2000 RPM
Maximum Torque/Speed: 121 Nm/1400 RPM @ 89.25 foot lbs./1400 RPM
Optimum Fuel Consumption: 243 g/kWh
Lubrication: Full pressure by rotary pump
Clutch: Single dry disk diaphragm-spring clutch, 10in., pedal control
Gearbox: 2-shaft, 8 forward and 2 reverse, sliding gear shift
Final Drive: Externally meshed spur gear
Brakes and Steering: Steering pedals integrated with brake pedals
Steering Clutches: Multiple dry cerametallic disk clutches, pedal control
Brakes: Band brakes, pedal control
Forward Speed - 1 Low: .51 MPH
Forward Speed - 2 Low: .65 MPH
Forward Speed - 3 Low: 1.05 MPH
Forward Speed - 4 Low: 1.67 MPH
Forward Speed - 1 High: 2.00 MPH
Forward Speed - 2 High: 2.53 MPH
Forward Speed - 3 High: 4.12 MPH
Forward Speed - 4 High: 6.53 MPH
Reverse Speed - High: 1.90 MPH
Clutch: Single disk-spring clutch
Engine Type: Three cylinder, vertical, water-cooled, 4-stroke
Hydraulics/Category 1 Hitch: 6.8 Gallons
Sales Tax will be charged for the following states: FL, GA, IA, MN, N.C., S.C.,N.D., TN, TX, VA, WI Please allow for this addtional charge. Thanks, Lyn