New firewood log processor easy - hi production


Subject: New firewood log processor easy - hi production
A BRAND NEW NEW Woodbine Standard PTO Model firewood processor from CRD Metalworks LLC. (Made in USA)
If you are a firewood producer who is seeking to increase profitability through efficiency, we have today's most affordable solution:
The Woodbine represents the highest standards in professional grade equipment, built to withstand the heaviest of workloads and designed to provide years of trouble-free HIGH Production service.
Feature for feature, we invite you to compare the Woodbine with similar machines costing up to twice the price.
Just Some Reasons We are Confident that you will make the Woodbine Decision:
* Capacity to handle logs up to 24' long and up to 22" in diameter
* 14' long 2 strand powered in-feed deck folds for easy transport.
* Extra wide trough, combined with an aggressive rear mounted hourglass feed roll, handles even the most crooked wood with ease.
* It takes a 22 in diameter log and splits it into 8 firewood size sections in one easy push/cut operation and sends it on to the loading conveyor that cleans out the debris on its way to the loading location.
* Simple one-lever clamp and cut, with an auto-cycle splitter valve.
* The rubber conveyor belt is 24" wide and 24' long, featuring a gap at 18' which allows sawdust and splinters to drop out, eliminating build-up under the processor and keeping unwanted material from mixing with the finished product. This waste burns great in your outdoor wood furnace, too!
* Cycle times are FAST with a 30 hp or larger tractor.
This is one easy machine to operate!!!
When the Woodbine is compared to other firewood processors, the difference is in the details!
1. Our 8-way splitting wedge has a 10" travel.
2. Hydraulic saw runs .404 chain and cuts FAST!
3. Large log trough with strong hourglass feed roll.
4. Large wood hopper for multi-block splitting.
5. Simple and rugged PTO drive is built to last.
6. 2" gap in conveyor belt for clean finished product.
7. 14' Powered log deck folds for easy transport.
8. Comfortable operator station and adjustable stop
9. Produces (2) Two Cords per Hour
The pricing of the complete package will make this machine attractive for even the smallest firewood producer and if High Production is your need it only makes it a BETTER
Financing available through Contractors Equipment Funding Inc. or ACG Equipment Finance.
For further information (VIDEO) or an appointment for a live demonstration (WILLIAMSBURG, MA) e-mail a phone # or address to ,
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