New farmi log skidding winch skidder tractor chainsaw


Subject: New farmi log skidding winch skidder tractor chainsaw
The JL 351 P winch has a built in multi-purpose dozer blade. You can stack logs on the landing, open skid trails, and clear snow. The dozer blade also functions as a butt-plate.
The clutch control rope runs through a swivel on top of the winch. The winch can therefore be operated from any direction. This is an important feature for the operator, as he can control the winch from a place where he can see the load as he is pulling it in. Good vision will enable the operator to prevent loads from hooking up behind stumps and roots and also to reduce damage on the remaining trees. This feature also enhances operator safety and production. Without leaving the tractor seat, one can release the load, drive out of adverse conditions and winch the load in again.
When winching from the tractor seat, one must have the optional protective screen installed between the winch and the operator. The clutch enables the operator to select any pull from zero to maximum pull of the winch. The clutch will slip when the load is heavier than the selected pull. This prevents damage to the cable or winch even if the load gets hooked behind stump or root.
The clutch has a 5 year parts warranty.
A new clutch can be riveted on the old sprocket so the clutch is easy and inexpensive to replace. The sturdy upper sprocket acts as a heat sink and absorbs the heat generated in the clutch when winching, so the clutch will not burn out.
The winch frame is high. The high point of pull is very beneficial as it creates down-pressure on the winch when winching. The down-pressure pushes the blade or legs into the ground which anchors the winch and tractor in place.
After the logs are winched in, one slips the cable under the lower snatchblock for skidding the load out. The lower snatch-block lowers the point of pull so one can pull out much larger loads. The thin winch frame keeps the weight close to the tractor, large net loads can therefore be skidded out. ROPS cab, and front end weight or front end loader is a must.
Four logs can be winched in and skidded out hooked to the cable. An additional six logs can be hooked up and skidded out from the notches on the winch frame.
The upper pulley has a shield which prevents the cable sliders from jamming into the pulley.
Clutch adjustment, brake adjustment, replacing the cable and all other service can be done without any disassembly of the winch. Repair of the winch is also very easy because the entire winch mechanism can be removed in one piece after removal of six easy-to-get-to bolts.
Drum Capacity: 180 ft. of 3/8" cable
Winching Speed: 40-200 feet per minute
Clutch: Mechanical friction plate clutch with heat sink
Power Transmission: Universal shaft from tractor
Mounting: Category I or II, 3-Point hitch
Recommended tractor size: minimum 17 HP, maximum 40 HP
The winches are sold complete with 165 ft. of 3/8" steel core wire rope, 3 keyhole sliders, end hook for wire rope and universal shaft.
The winch can be hooked to category I and II tractors. The clutch is controlled from the white rope which comes out from the top of the winch frame. The winch can be operated from either side of the winch or from the tractor seat. This gives the operator a choice of running the winch from where he can see the best. If operated from the tractor seat, one must add the protective screen SV350.
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