New faema E97 express series 2 group espresso machine


Subject: New faema E97 express series 2 group espresso machine
Brand New FAEMA E97 Express Series A/2 - 2 Group Professional Espresso Machine
Manufactured by FAEMA S.p.A. in Milano, Italy - 1 of the world's leading espresso manufacturers!
* Programmable micro-processor and flow meter controlled dosing
* Easy to operate and program each 6 selection Touch Pad control button
* 11 liter solid copper plate boiler equipped with pressure relief and anti-siphon valves
* Copper heater with re-settable thermal hi-limit safety switch
* Sirai full sized adjustable pressurstat to maintain/adjust boiler pressure
* DUAL Manometer to monitor boiler and pump pressure
* Electronic, solenoid controlled, automatic boiler water refill system with lamp
* Manual mechanical boiler water refill valve (redundancy)
* Site glass to monitor boiler level and water condition
* FAEMA's world famous (and most imitated) thermosiphon heat exchange system
* 1 each 1 cup, 2 each 2 cup traditional portafiltro (brew handles) and 1 blind filter for group backwashing
* Can easily produce 4 00 espresso drinks per hour
* Self-contained, adjustable full size volumetric pump to maintain 9 bars brew pressure
* FAEMA's patented Cappuccino Magic milk frother controlled by twist knob (a $450 MSRP option)
* Stainless steel fully articulating steam wand controlled by twist knob valve
* Stainless steel hot water wand controlled by twist knob valve
* Attractive red metallic and titanium enamel easy to maintain and clean all metal external panels
* Stainless steel cup warming grate, back splash and drip tray grate
* Attractive, 3 piece smoked plexiglass surround cup warming surface on top of machine
* Power on lamp and 3 position power on/off switch
* Power cord - 5 feet long - plug is not included
* 208-240 volt, 3800 watts, 60 cycles UL/ETL listed
* Requires cold water supply and drain
* Stainless steel no burst cold water supply line and reinforced waste hose included
* Factory paperwork and books included