New espresso machine reneka viva 2 group


Subject: New espresso machine reneka viva 2 group
Never opened our coffee shop. New, never used.
Reneka Viva II / 650 The more you serve, the more you appreciate Viva Li/650's built in efficiency.
Narrower than most professional 2-group brewers, yet has 10-litre boiler and full complement of features.
Interchangeable side color panels.
Two steam arms enhanced design for ergonomic efficiency.
Does not depend on pressure of mail supply.
Helps ensure a perfect cup of espresso, every time.
Electronic microprocessor controlled.
allow easy programming of key critical functions.
Hot/cold water mix for adjustable hot water temperature.
Automatic safety system protects heating elements.
meets NSF sanitation standards.
removable diffuser and showerscreen.
Dimensions-27.5" x 22" x 20.5"
Recommended water source-3/8" line
Controls-Electronic microprocessor