New entire high-quality screen printing company in 2003


Subject: New entire high-quality screen printing company in 2003
We have been proudly manufacturing the highest quality sportswear since 1935. For decades we made custom uniforms for Reebok, the NFL, the NBA, Worldwide Olympic Teams, and we outfitted hundreds of other teams we are just as proud of.
An entire listing of virtually every Athletic Sporting Goods Dealer in the nation and their annual sales, contact info, and purchase types.
For details see…
Each Special Market Directory Provides:
· Data on sales volume, store type, description of lines,
Each Retail Directory Gives You:
Details on premium and incentive usage, meetings and conventions planned, location, number of attendees, months held, duration, and more.
Names, addresses, and telephone and fax numbers for thousands of industry executives and decision-makers.
SG8CD - Book and CD:.. $1299.00
a. Just a little single line AT&T Type phone
A fax modem to receive Purchase Orders on and fax supply orders from
a. Youll have to know how to use a computer
A computer to type order information and stuff into
a. Same one as listed below, Im just thinking through the steps of everything youll need.
a. We have about 30. You can have your pick of my least favorite 27.
a. Theres got to be 75, probably 3 are broken and 4 are too expensive - you pick one
A printer to Print the orders to (same one listed below)
Now for processing the order…
A Graphics Workstation to Process the Artwork
a. Id have to research the details, but its a kick-butt graphics machine built in 2003 with a good Video Card, large hard drive, cant be less than 900 MHz, with least 256 Mb, perhaps even 512Mb Memory.
b. 17" Color-Calibrated Monitor
b. Windows XP, or 2000 have to check which one, but its licensed!
c. Microsoft Office 2000 (also licensed)
d. Bunches of pre-loaded software that Graphic Artists use. I can think of Font Managers, um, filters?, file viewers and compressors and decompressors and stuff.
Panetone Color Matching System
The Full Adobe Suite (offically licensed of course)
Post-Script Software for printing half-tones to the film printer
Epson Stylus Color 3000 Tabloid Printer to print the Film Transparency
The Epson Stylus® Color 3000 represents the ultimate in desktop Photo Quality full bleed output. Utilizing Epson proprietary
Micro Piezo® ink jet technology, QuickDry™ inks, and AcuPhoto™ half toning, the Epson Stylus Color 3000 represents a powerful and persuasive tool for presenting your graphical ideas to clients.
Developed with the graphic designer in mind, the Epson Stylus Color 3000 allows you to present full, 17" x 22" design layouts at an astonishing 1440 x 720 dpi. With its superior Photo Quality, the Epson Stylus Color 3000 is the best investment you can make in your design career. Just imagine, full bleed output that rivals the quality of products costing thousands of dollars more.
With standard features like Adobe PostScript 3 for Windows 95/98/2000, Mac OS, and PANTONE Calibrated approved colors, in addition to options like internal Ethernet for EtherTalk, Novell, and TCP/IP network support, your investment will grow with your design studio.
Best of all, the Epson Stylus Color 3000 can produce your Photo Quality color comps at overall print speeds faster than any other product in its price category. If you currently use an outside service bureau, or the color copier at work for your color comps, the Epson
Stylus Color 3000 will make you look better in half the time.
Backed by Epson's reputation for reliability, the Epson Stylus Color 3000 comes with a full two year Epson Preferred limited warranty,
so you can enjoy consistent quality and performance without worries. And for service and assistance that is second-to-none, Epson offers
the Epson Connection, a toll-free support hotline to answer any questions you may have.
The Epson Stylus Color 3000 is the only choice for unrivaled full bleed, Photo Quality color and performance for today's
most successful graphic designers.
A Light Table for registering the Film to the Screen.
Boat-loads of screens, some new some need to be re-meshed.
Approximately 40 screens. Metal, Wood, Tensionable
Remaining Supply of Emulsion (less than one gallon)
Screen Curing Self-enclosed Heated Closet with screen racks
Fluorescent Light Bulb Covers to make the room “dark room safe
About 100 of Curtain to section off light sensitive areas
A NuArc MSP 3140 Exposure Unit to expose the screens
MSP 3140 features NuArcs patented instant-start power technology, which reduces glass temperature, power consumption, and environmental heating effects. With a 79 x 104 cm (31" x 40") maximum screen frame size, its an ideal choice for those entering automatic printing and for quality-conscious printers in manual environments. MSP 3140 is designed for those seeking superior performance at an affordable price. NuArcs computerized and programmable integrator/controller ensures precise vacuum duration and lamp output compensation. MSP 3140 is also simple to operate. The entire exposure process—from vacuum drawdown through screen exposure and vacuum release—is accomplished with a single keystroke.
Stainless Steel Backlit wash-out booth
Specific Tools for cleaning screens, squeegees, and the like
Scrubby Chemicals for Screen reclaimation and degreasing and stuff
Nasty old metal shelving to hold all that chemical and ink cleaner stuff
Lets see, now we should have an exposed screen ready to print…
A Four Station Four Color M&R Chameleon Press
With its revolutionary two-tier design, unrivaled expandability, and rugged construction, Chameleon is without question the worlds best sampling and manual production press. M&Rs System Integration design allows Chameleon to integrate seamlessly with M&Rs Tri-Loc and Double Tri-Loc Registration System and any M&R automatic textile press to create the most phenomenal registration/sampling/production system available. And with Chameleons patented Duo-Deck™ design, four and six-color models can expand to ten colors and eight-color models can expand to fourteen colors, all without expanding the footprint of the press.
Chameleons expandability also allows manual shops to meet current color capacity needs with a Chameleon 4, 6, or 8-color press, secure in the knowledge that they can add future color capacity by expanding the Chameleon instead of purchasing a new press. Instead of investing in small, manual-only screen frames that can never be used on automatic presses, Chameleon owners can invest in standard frames designed for automatics. When Chameleon-driven shops step up to automatic printing, theyre not sitting on thousands of dollars worth of frames that have to be replaced. Chameleon even uses the same standard pallets as M&R automatics. Interchangeable frames support increased productivity through manual-press sampling, leaving automatic presses free to perform their specialty: high-speed production.
A Custom Built Light Table for precise color registration and quick hits
Bunches of squeeges and ink tools
Turnabout ensures evenly blended inks by rotating the container with a lifting and rolling action, reaching ink that typically settles on the sides and bottoms of containers. The mixer is self-centering and quickly adjusts to 4 to 20 liter (1 to 5 gallon) containers. Turnabout models include AC electric fixed-speed and DC electric variable-speed. Turnabout H.D., driven by an AC electric variable-speed motor with constant torque, is specifically designed for use with thicker, more viscous inks and coatings, such as high-density plastisol. AC Standard and DC models rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.
Panatone Color Match System Swatch Set and Color Number Identifier
Dont get too excited, there's no too much of it; however, it is all excellent quality ink. We used mainly expensive Plastisol. Probably about 15-20 gallons total.
Oh yeah, ink… How very very wet stays and spreads and jumps and goes everywhere
Youll need all our paper towels
Okay, now we have screens, presses, ink. Hmmm.
How about some shelves and tables to hold all the work?
Three Metal Bookcase like Shelves
One Huge Wooden Shelving unit to hold more up coming work or something
A 5x12 table to lay all the work out on - complete with Drawers!
Theyre 8 and 4 Plain Block Number Stencils
If we were printing numbers instead of an image burned on the screen, we would be getting $4.10 a hit, but wed have to line up stuff manually.
Now, were gonna need some heat…
A Big Fast M&R Dryer, the most Gas efficient one they sell! Mr.Print 2000!
Sprint 2000 The industry's most efficient, innovative, and affordable high-production textile gas dryer, Sprint 2000 is available in belt widths from 122 to 213 cm (48" to 84"). Not only does it have the highest production capacity in its class, its also the most energy efficient. Heavy-duty thermal insulation prevents heat from migrating into the workplace, while CoolSkin™ technology leaves the dryer skin cool to the touch. Fast cure rates and high product throughput maximize dryer capacity and minimize per-unit cost.
Tons of extra intake or cooling belt (12 Ft added-on after purchase)
While thats heating up well need to decide how many flash units well need.
18 x 22 M&R Shuttle Flash
Serrano Flash uses a smooth AC electric drive and roller-bearing assemblies for dependable performance and long life. The shuttle on this freestanding unit can be controlled with a foot pedal or integrated with the press for automated operation. Serrano Flash features include adjustable stand height, control box cooling fan, power level control, and power indicator light. Although Serrano was designed for automatic presses, its proven to be a versatile and powerful performer on manual presses.
20 x 22 M&R Shuttle Flash
With those two babies going, using just the M&R Chameleon Press, we can print two two color jobs at the same time, and flash cure each job's first hit!
Okay, were ready to print, so youll need all the masks, tapes, cans of spray glue, the 14 wide masking tape stuff to cover the pallet with, 3 wide screen tape to block the screen edges with. Hmmm. If I forgot anything required to print, you can have it too!
When you get going greally fast, you'll want to use the automatic spray glue gun to apply adhesive to the pallets. We will include the glue supply, spray gun, and enough hose to make it operate properly.
Oh yeah, theres a standing box for shorter people to print from, a few standing mats to make working on concrete much more tolerable, and oh yeah, the dryers hot and the flashes are cookin youre gonna want a fan or two…
Theres a kick butt fan that came with the dryer
Any well throw in a 20 Metal Dayton Pedestal Fan cuz we hate to both sweat and print (at the same time anyway)
Okay, were ready to print, so youll need all the masks, tapes, cans of spray glue, the 14 wide masking tape stuff to cover the pallet with, 3 wide screen tape to block the screen edges with. Hmmm. If I forgot anything required to print, you can have it too!
There. Theyre printed. If you want, we can sell you (separately) packing; counting; folding; boxing; bagging and tagging; tools and/or equipment. Also, inspection tables, lights or tools and equipment, cleaning guns - spray out equipment for your boo boos.
There is a total of $54,555.93 items listed. I know we paid much more than that for the equipment alone, and the items listed as priceless or free have substantial value as well.