New electrostimulator scenar-nt-02.1(gs) pro by ritm


Subject: New electrostimulator scenar-nt-02.1(gs) pro by ritm
Electrostimulator SCENAR-NT-02.1 Pro by RITM (GS series)
* The newest updating of the professional device. Ample opportunities for therapy and diagnostics.
* The most powerful medical effect.
* The full-size LCD-display with illumination.
* Mode "scrinning" (express - diagnostics).
* The minimal energy of influence in all modes.
* It is ideal for professional and domestic application.
* It is optimum for professional and domestic application.
* Manufactured by original developer of S.C.E.N.A.R. tehnology OKB RITM
In the complete set: In the complete set: SCENAR-NT-02.1, a soft case, batteries - 3 piece, the English instruction manual.
Purpose and the basic functions:
Device SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation) is a polyclinic and first aid in a pocket - having small dimensions, an independent meal, allows doctors to lead examination of a condition and to render the qualified help to patients practically in any situations.
The device is applied as the basic or auxiliary means in preventive maintenance and treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases, to treatment of any kinds of functional frustration, at rendering first aid in many kinds of urgent situations.
Users of SCENAR is doctors practically all specialities: neuropathologists, therapists, surgeons, traumatologists, gynecologists, dermatologists, otolaryngologists, sports doctors, physiatrists, paramedics, and as the average and younger medical personnel. The device is recommended Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for application by users without medical formation(education) in household and marching conditions, in automobiles, on courts, etc.
Application of devices SKENAR is shown in any stage at treatment of diseases of system of digestion, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, urinogenital, bone-muscular system at children and adults. .
SCENAR allows not only it is essential to lower application of medical products, to increase protective properties of an organism, to reduce number of visit to the doctor, to be exempted from a pain, but also to help patients in situations when other methods of treatment do not help.
For use in a life the instruction with techniques of treatment of many diseases is given.
The full-function graphic LCD-display.
IDM: Integral dose and null. Differential dose.
Constant, individually - dosed out, scrinning.
From 15 up to 200 Hz - smoothly through 1 Hz, from 200 up to 350 Hz - through 5 Hz.
1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1 (the attitude of an working time to a pause, in seconds).
From 30 up to 120 Hz during 8 with, "SW1"-swing.
5 modes of change of the form of pulses: Sk1, Sk2, Sk3, Sk4, Sk-var.
Yes, intensity from 1 up to 8
The minimal energy in model SCENAR-1-NT (01) is reduced on the order that allows to carry out influence on any mucous and open wounds without painful sensations
Input of personal sets of parameters:
Built - in (the complete set additional electrodes is possible: see my other items)
3 batteries AA (Alkaline), ~ 4,5 In
Weight: without the battery /with the battery: