New edwards eof vacuum pump external oil filter 25CR


Subject: New edwards eof vacuum pump external oil filter 25CR
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Edwards EOF Base Module & 25CR Canister
Use the EOFs with the EM oil-sealed rotary pumps, to remove particulates trapped in the pump oil. There are two types of EOF filter.
The EOFA and EOFM filters use the internal pressurized oil system of the pump to continually filter a proportion of the pump oil. These filters are only suitable for hydrocarbon oil. The EOFM filter removes particulates down to 0.5 microns, and the EOFA filter both removes particulates and includes an active element to remove acidic and other aggressive contaminants from the oil.
EOF pumped external oil filters have their own oil re-circulation pump. The re-circulation pump has a high flow rate and allows large quantities of oil to be filtered. The filter is fitted with a gauge which indicates when the filter need to be changed. This filter is suitable for hydrocarbon and PFPE oils.
* (1) Edwards EOF25CR Canister
* (2) Snap-tite 72 Series Quick Disconnect Coupling
* Part Number: A540-11-999
* Oil pump flow rate: 3.5 l min -1 / 0.8 US gal min -1 (50 Hz)
* Electrical supply: 100-120 / 200-240 V, 1-ph, 50/60 Hz
* Current: 5 A (start), 2.5 A (run)
* Part Number: A540-11-999
* The 25C element filters both dust and chemical contaminants. It has a pleated paper filter to trap dust particles and a bed of activated alumina for chemical adsorption.
* Snap-tite 72 Series Quick Disconnect Coupling:
* The 72 Series Quick Disconnect Coupling is designed to meet or exceed ISO Series B requirements. This ISO specification stipulates the test parameters of the couplings and the nipple dimensions so the units will interchange with those of other manufacturers meeting this same specification. The 72 Series features superior pressure and flow characteristics over the competition making it the premier ISO industrial interchange.
* Working Pressure: To 7,500 psi (520 bar)
* Performance: Exceeds pressure & flow characteristics of the competition
* Double Shut-Off Valve Configuration
* Interchangeable: Connects to other manufacturers ISO 7241-1 Series B (ISO-B)units
* Proven Ball-Locking Mechanism
* Applications for the Snap-tite 72 Series include general in-plant use, chemical transfer, chemical injection, test equipment, mobile equipment all the way to rug cleaning. This product line is also available with special seal materials which allow it to be used in food applications such as fryers. Other modifications are possible as well to handle special applications.
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