New edco self-propelled scarifier planer rotary cutter


Subject: New edco self-propelled scarifier planer rotary cutter
Edco Self-Propelled Scarifier Planer Rotary Cutter
Edco 12" Self-Propelled Scarifier
Well, a scarifying machine uses multiple cutting wheels to flail various surfaces (such as concrete or asphalt) leaving a clean, textured or roughened finish; after which, floor enamels can easily be applied to the adhesive surface. Scarifiers are also referred to as planers, milling machines, rotary cutters or simply surface-preparation machines. A scarifier is ideal for planing concrete, asphalt, epoxies, elastomerics and masterplate floors, or in high production use in industrial plants, malls, dairy barns, roads or warehouses.
* Up to 12" working width (30 cm.)
* Adjustable to 1/4" working depth per pass (6 mm.)
* Accommodates EDCO's largest cutters for longer life and more removal
* Upcut drum rotation and heavyweight construction provide faster milling action and more uniform surface texture
* Hydrostatic transmission with forward and reverse drive provides smooth speed changes and less operator fatigue
* Hydraulic-powered engage/disengage lever lowers or raises drum from surface
* cutters and spacers assemble on drum and included with this machine
* 15hp, 3 phase, 60 hz, 460 V electric motor
* 1,250-1,500 sq. ft./hr - (116-139 sq. m./hr) at a depth of 1/8" (3 mm.)
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