New ecco cast casting machine full size


Subject: New ecco cast casting machine full size
The D2 is the ideal all purpose lab machine for labs with no air compressor.¬ Manufactured to the highest standards in the U.S.A.¬ This unit is 100% solid state, and includes pivotal casting arm, solid state motor controller, DC motor, cover gas, pyrometer controlled melt , gravity drop mechanism, and 2 melt cycle programs. The¬ operator only needs to add the metal and flask then push start.¬ The machine does the rest.¬ Upon reaching set point, the machine will soak for the preset time, then drop and spin for 35 seconds and shut off.¬ If the operator wants to manually stop the spin cycle or melt cycle simply press the stop button. From The Original Manufactures Of Austenal Casting Machines. Full One Year Warranty. Delivery Time 3-4 Weeks Built To Order!¬ ¬
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