New dishwasher booster rinse soap pump 220V m-S2958F


Subject: New dishwasher booster rinse soap pump 220V m-S2958F
NeW Commercial S/S High Temp Dishwasher Booster
Complete stainless steel construction AISI 304 18/10. Double skin with acoustic & thermo insulation. Wash tank slanted with rounded edges. Washing period cycle adjustable from 1 to 6 minutes. Wash and rinse arms in stainless steel. Lower and upper rotating wash arm. Lower and upper rotating rinse arm. Automatic tank loading. Integral tank filter kit. Thermometers. Drains by gravity. Rinse aid dispenser. Wash detergent pump. Door opening safety device. Security thermostat. Extractable control panel for easy maintenance.
Included accessories: filter kit and insulated control panel; 1 basket for dishes; 1 general basket; 1 cutlery container.
Booster element: 6000 Watts (booster & tank element alternate). Booster capacity: 1 gal, 4 l.
Tank element: 2000 Watts (booster & tank element alternate). Tank capacity: 4 1/2 gal., 18 l.
Water inlet: 1/2 pipe with 3/4 male threaded (hose fitting) Must be connected to hot water only. 120-140 F, 50-60°C
Required drain: F85/92S: 1 1/2" ABS pipe at floor level. Gravity drain. F85/92DPS: 1 1/2" ABS at maximum height of 39", 1m. Pumped drain
Wash temperature: 140° F, 60°C. Rinse temperature: 180° F, 85°C
Clearance: 12 1/2". Rack size: standard 20" x 20". Rack/hr: 10 - 60. Water consumption per cycle: 1/2 gal.
Included accessories: filter kit and insulated control panel; 2 baskets for dishes; 1 general basket; 2 cutlery containers.
Volts: 230; Hz: 60; Amp: 29; Circuit breaker: 40; Watt: 6650; Cycle: 1-6 min adjustable
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