New delfield 56" low boy refrigerated stand s/s F2956C


Subject: New delfield 56" low boy refrigerated stand s/s F2956C
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: 56" Low Boy Refrigerated Stand S/s Delfield F2956C More Models Available Below - Manufacturer: Delfield - Model: F2956C
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment
56" Low Boy Refrigerated Stand S/s Delfield F2956C
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Delfield 56.25" Low-Profile Refrigerated Base Equipment Stand - Self Contained F2956C
Delfield's comprehensive line of refrigerated low profile equipment stands, arguably the industry's largest offering. Designed by the standard lengths of cook top equipment - not drawer sizes - the new low profile equipment stands make what used to be considered "custom equipment" standard. This item has the following features and specifications:
* Top is 18-gauge stainless steel, with integral front marine edge.
* Standard stainless steel ends.
* High density polyurethane foam insulation throughout unit. Refrigerated/freezer base fronts are made of .095" thick ABS plastic backed by rigid polyurethane water blown injection molded frames (NO WOOD).
* Exterior drawer fronts are stainless steel with an ABS plastic liner. Snap-in dart style vinyl magnetic gasket.
* Drawer handles are recessed black plastic held in with a positive lock system.
* 14-gauge leg rails run the entire length of the unit.
* Self-contained come standard on 300 pound casters
* 8' cord and plug supplied.
* Base interior cabinet is cooled with mullion style coated blower coil(s) mounted between each door/drawer section for even air and temperature control. Blower coil enclose refrigeration lines, evaporator coil, expansion valve and fans.
* Interior refrigerated base cabinet section to maintain 36° to 40° meeting NSF requirements. Digital thermometer. Electric condensate evaporators are standard on self-contained freezers
* Drawer system is sized to hold 12" x 20" x 4" deep hotel pans (by others). The drawer system is all stainless steel construction for maximum durability.
* Height of surface for setting equipment is 25.50".
* Environmentally friendly HFC-404A refrigerant.
* Exterior top is 18-gauge stainless steel with standard marine edges on all four sides. Corners are fully welded with smooth radii corners for easy clean out. Interior subtop is 22-gauge stainless steel. Over two inches of Polyurethane two-part foam provides insulation and rigidity.
* Refrigerated base has 22 gauge stainless steel interior back and bottom with ABS thermoformed sides. Base exterior back, bottom and sides are constructed of galvanized steel.
* Finished stainless steel ends are standard. Louver, coil panel and drawer faces are all standard with stainless steel construction. (Unit is supplied with a wall-mounted bracket and threaded rod to allow installation of the unit against a solid surface.)
* Units foundation is made of 14 gauge 1.50" x 3.25" thick galvanized leg rails with casters as standard. Unit comes standard with a stainless steel leg rail cover-up skin.
* The Full Extension Plus drawer system is independently self-sufficient without relying on the cabinet for strength. The entire drawer assembly is constructed of stainless steel. Drawer tracks are 11 gauge and track supports and cross members are 12 gauge. Rollers are made of selflubricating Delrin material and do not require any grease. Intermediate tracks are removable without tools. Drawer boxes are designed to allow easy grip of pan flanges. Stay shut feature allows drawers to remain closed on uneven floors. Drawers will accommodate 4.00" deep pans only. Slots are provided for optional adaptor bars to accommodate fractional and full size pans.
* Mullion Coil Refrigeration system uses HFC-404A refrigerant, and maintains 36°F (2°C) to 40°F (4°C) interior cabinet temperature at 100°F (38°C) ambient room temperature. Both remote and self-contained models are standard with exterior digital thermometer and electric condensate evaporators. Electrical connections shall be 115 volt, 60 hertz and single phase.
* Self-contained models have a pre-wired condensing unit with hot gas condensate evaporator, a thermometer installed in the removable louver, and is supplied with an 8.0' (2.4 cm) cord and plug.
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