New *** *** cst inc SP3000 ddr 400 memory tester set


Subject: New *** *** cst inc SP3000 ddr 400 memory tester set
New DDR memory tester set SP3000 DDR400se manufactured by CST Inc. is selling here.
The modules it can test are from/for:
* 184pin DDR1 DIMM (long)
* 200pin DDR1 soDIMM (short)
...400MHz, 333MHz, 266MHz, 200MHz
This unit comes with DDR adapters only for 184pin and 200pin modules. But it is easy upgradable - you just need to obtain the desired adapter from CST Inc.
includes one each of the following:
* SP3-184p DDR Adapter 400mhz (400/333/266 Mhz).
* SP3-200pin DDR SODIMM Adapter (400/333/266/200 Mhz).
service professional especially in incoming inspection, engineering, field service, depot support, system integrators, reseller, system/subsystem manufacturer.
just insert the module and press a function key! The results include memory size; structure, type and speed are clearly displayed on the LCD. This takes seconds!
SP3000 tester is equipped for testing a wide variety of memory modules from DDR2, DDR to SDRAM to EDO/DRAM memory. Coverage includes 240pin, 200pin DDR2, 184pin , 200pin DDR, 168pin, 144pin SDRAM, 168pin, 72pin,30 pin EDO/FPM DRAM SIMMs DIMM SoDIMM memory module.
* Money Order, Cashier's Check.
* The product is new and has 10 months of warranty from manufacturer left.
* Seller doesn't provide any kind of warranty, doesn't accept returns and doesn't send refunds.
* Manufacturer CST Inc. will service the unit based on serial number.
* Manufacturer provides warranty for materials and manufacturing defects and excludes consumable items such as test sockets and adaptors or damages under exception usage.
*** Please check manufacturer's site for detailed description