New coolcube 10 air conditioner - portable ac unit


Subject: New coolcube 10 air conditioner - portable ac unit
Every 10°C increase in nominal temperatures produces a 50% reduction in the lifetime and long-term reliability of IT hardware.
The compact design of the portable CoolCube provides easy mobility for any application. The wheel kit accessory allows the unit to be rolled from room to room with little installation. The heavy-duty swivel casters are suitable for any type of environment (construction site, manufacturing floor, carpet, tile, etc.). Furthermore, by adding the nozzle and handle accessories, the CoolCube will cool hot spots anywhere.
The CoolCube 10 is ideal to "spot cool" hot spots within a larger physical area by delivering the cold air directly to the small area producing the heat, such as a large data center being cooled by a Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC). This environment often has racks populated with high density servers that are not being cooled properly. Installing a CoolCube 10 into the specific racks will solve the heat problem.
* Compact unit is 50% smaller than competitors, but still provides 10,000 btu/hr of cooling per module
* Automatic restart function for power outages
* High airflow volume increases air circulation throughout the room
* Highly economical and efficient way to cool "hot spots"
* Quick and easy installation
* Cost-effective alternative for weekend of after-hours cooling when the main system is shut down
* Small enough to store multiple modules in closet so you're prepared for planned or unplanned shut-down of main air conditioners
* UL Listed for stacking applications: Up to (3) modules high - 30,000 btu/hr of capacity
* Uses standard 115 VAC power source
* Provides N+1 redundancy if necessary for your application.
* Generator Friendly - Low inrush current reduces requirement size for high cooling capacity
Whether you are seeking a space-saving cooling choice for cramped IT facilities; an effective solution to cool equipment or people during a temporary heat crisis; or supplemental cooling for designated hot spots, CoolCube 10 is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.
Computers and electronic equipment generates heat wherever they are located—from the deserts of Arizona to the snow-covered hills of Buffalo, NY. In fact, the CoolCube is widely used during the winter months when there is snow on the ground, as most buildings are operating in heat mode to keep occupants comfortable. However, this can have a detrimental effect on small computer rooms or closets, which depend on the building's system for proper cooling, but may heat to unacceptable temperatures during the winter months, resulting in costly and potentially devastating problems.
CoolCube also offers the opportunity to save thousands of dollars each month in utility costs. With the CoolCube, you no longer have to rely on your building's main air conditioning system to properly cool your IT environments. Because the compact, modular air conditioning unit adapts easily to virtually any application, it is the most flexible solution in the industry. CoolCube's multiple configuration options, easy mobility, and efficient operation make it an ideal—and extremely cost-effective—option for cooling numerous environments.
All types of businesses rely on the commercial-grade CoolCube to provide cooling to their three most important assets: people, processes and equipment.
To prevent a shortened lifespan, decreased reliability and slower operation, sensitive electronic equipment must be operated within a specific temperature range. An unplanned shutdown due to overheating can cause a significant financial impact on your company due to loss of productivity and missed opportunity.
Excessive heat negatively affects your associates' comfort, productivity and work quality, both in the office and on the production floor.
The CoolCube 10 cost-effectively cools production lines, eliminating the need for expensive central air conditioning systems and helping to improve product quality. The CoolCube can also prevent product defects resulting from excess heat and humidity. Additionally, spot cooling reduces processing time for most heat-related production processes to help reduce product costs.
This listing is for a CoolCube 10 Modular Air Conditioner with a Portable Package that includes a Wheel Kit, Six-Inch Nozzle, and Handle Kit.
The CoolCube Portable Package includes:
* (1) CoolCube 10 Modular Air Conditioner
* (1) Warranty Registration Card
* (1) Unpacking Instructions Sheet
* (4) Swivel Casters with Brakes
You will need a Phillips screwdriver and a 1/2" socket & ratchet to attach the wheel and handle kits and the nozzle.