New comstock castle tube type fryer floor model 18HF


Subject: New comstock castle tube type fryer floor model 18HF
This is a New Comstock-Castle Tube Type Fryer Floor Model 18HF!
Comstock-Castle floor fryers are a high production, energy efficient tube design. Fryers with tube tanks generally are more efficient due to more surfaces for the heat to transfer to the oil. The more efficient heat exchange requires less BTUs to fry the same amount of food, lowering the operators utility costs. In many cases fryers with far higher BTU ratings are just wasting energy up the flue. There is a cold zone below the tubes where food particles will settle and not burn. This allows the oil to last longer, a further reduction in operating costs.
Description: 19? wide, 70 lb. / 8.5 gal. capacity, 120,000 BTU
Easy cleaning, corrosion resistant stainless steel
finish, welded with aluminized inner framing. Triple flue design for cooler
and more efficient operation. Adjustable 6" stainless steel legs for easy
leveling. Installation clearances for non-combustible surfaces are 2" on
sides and 6" in the rear, combustible surface clearances are 6" and 6".
Hinged front door panel protects controls.
Snap Action thermostat for fast recovery, 100% safety shut
off with built in pressure regulator, high limit control for back-up safety,
automatic standing pilot and brass burner valves. Optimal pressures are
4" WC for natural gas and 10" WC for propane. Manifold size is
NPT. All controls are tested and confirmed in good working order.
Calibration and adjustments are the responsibility of the installer.
Easy cleaning, corrosion resistant stainless steel tube type tank
for maximum surface heat transfer. Stainless steel tube radiant inserts for
increased efficiency and rapid recovery. Deep cold zone allows food
particles to sink below tubes reducing shortening breakdown and taste
transfer as well as extending the life and quality of fryer shortening. 1"
gate valve for rapid draining.
Two heavy duty, nickel plated wire baskets. Permanently
affixed hanger rack firmly suspends loaded baskets out of frying vat.
Single large baskets, stainless steel tank covers, gas
hoses, cleaning supplies, equipment stands and casters are listed in the