New complete scrap wire & cable recycling mini plant


Subject: New complete scrap wire & cable recycling mini plant
This NEW system is a Powercat Type A complete scrap wire & cable recycling mini plant. To include: Infeed Belt Conveyor BC 500x3300/30°, Granulator GR 37-500L, Belt Conveyor BC-200x3100, Separator SE 40, Blower BL3 for Separator, Belt Conveyor BC-200x3200, Diverter, set of Dust Extraction Tubes, Air Extractor AE 5.5, Dust Filter, Belt Conveyor BFM 300x1800mm, Control Panel. This complete turn-key mini plant is a one man operation that can produce 8-16 tons per day of clean copper granulate ready for sale to smelters. This self-contained 7'x15' mini plant recovers the copper conductor material from scrap wire and cable at an infeed rate of approximately 2,250 lbs. per hour. The infeed opening is 21"x26" and is fed from a conveyor belt. The Powercat Model A can handle "rats nest" material, CAT5 computer wire, telephone wire and cable, from 24 AWG stranded and solid wire up to 750 MCM power cable, and much more. In other words, it can handle all types of material at an extreme rate of recovery. This small yet powerful machine is technically and economically suited for the small to medium sized operation that wishes to recover large quantities of extremely clean high-value copper granulate from scrap.