New complete 3 axis cnc control system for bridgeport


Subject: New complete 3 axis cnc control system for bridgeport
This is a New 3 Axis (4th Axis Ready) CNC Control System. This is a complete system Pre-Engineered and ready to convert your Bridgeport or Bridgeport clone into a fully functioning 3 Axis Simultaneous Interpolation CNC Machine. Regularly sells for $15,000.00
Fagor is a World Wide manufacturer of CNC Controls, Drives, DRO's, Servo Drives and Motors, Linear & Rotary Encoders.
* Conversational Programming (26 Cycles)
* G-Codes and M-Code Functions Online
* Spindle RPM is controlled via the CNC
* 3 (or 4 Axis optional) Simultaneous Interpolation
* 11" High Resolution LCD Color Monitor
* Simultaneous Dry Run Mode and Solid Graphics 3D
* Tool Offset and Zero Offset Tables
* Win DNC Offline Software Program (DXF Converter)
* Conversational To G-Code Converter
* "Mini-cad" Fagor Intelligent Profile Editor
* Tele-Diagnosis "Remote Instant Service"
* Includes Servo's, Ballscrews and Brackets
Milling machine shown is not part of this sale.
Systems available for other machines call Gerry @ 727- 547- 0616
Any questions e-mail or call Gerry @ . Please include item number in all correspondence.
No charge for packing, skidding or loading.
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