New commercial chocolate tempering machine 50 kg - brand


Subject: New commercial chocolate tempering machine 50 kg - brand
Commercial chocolate tempering machine 50 kg
Mol D'art produces moulding and tempering machines containing 15, 50, 75 and 100 kg, constructed out of high quality stainless steel and equiped with an electronic temperature regulation. These machines are easily transformable into truffle or enrobing lines using necessary attachments.
This excellent machine of the highest quality will help the professional chocolatier for melting , tempering en moulding his/her chocolate.
* very accurate and adjustable temperature in °C
* Stainless steel food grade disc
* machine in high quality stainless steel - With vibrating table
* wheel with adjustable speed
* Removable disc and stirring arm (to clean for example)
* Left and right rotation of the disc
* Silent working - no chain transmission
* Vibrating table can be removed with one bolt
All available machines comply with the international standards of security regulations and are approved by the food industry.
Every machine leaving the production hall of Mol d'Art has passed an extensive test on endurance and reliability.
A maintenance agreement is optional and possible.
This is NOT a trick to collect positive feedback!
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All of our chocolate fondue fountains, commercial chocolate fountains and chocolate tempering machines are covered by manufacturer's warranty. Please contact the manufacturer direct for warranty repairs.