New collins classic 22A 1/2-2" threading machine


Subject: New collins classic 22A 1/2-2" threading machine
Rothenberger Collins 22A Threading Machine Free Stand
and 2 gallons of thread cutting oil.
Rothenberger COLLINS CLASSIC 22A
* Snap-O-Matic die heads (2) are standard. Fast operating.
* Simple, quick change of dies without time consuming adjustments
* All controls are clearly marked
* Automatically adjusted thread length
Pipe or conduit - 1/8" to 2"
Bolt or rod - 1/4" to 2 1/4"
* Rugged and proven oil pump
* Automatic oil feed for optimum cooling
* Large, easy-to-empty chip tray
* Use Ro-Cool cutting oil, a special blend of sulfo-chlorinated mineral oil to assure long die life and superior quality threads.
* All units come with safety foot switch.
Optional Supermatic 2000 features
* "Quick Shot" lubricating system
This is the top of the range threading machine for site or workshop operations, suitable for the most demanding pipework applications such as site threading, prefabrication work, or even production type applications. The 22A is ideal for the tradesman or industry in general. Completely versatile, it handles even the most difficult make-on or breakdown of fittings. Optional jaws available for plastic-coated pipe. The 22A offers high performance output in every way, the result of over 40 years experience producing Collins pipe threaders.
* Heavy Duty, 115 V, universal AC/DC 50/60 Hz. develops up to 2 3/4 HP.
* 6 brush motor for higher torque
* Precision pipe cutter with dual guide for accurate pipe cutting
* Optimum cutting geometry and excellent chip discharge
* Collins SUPER GRIP chucking system with both right & left chucking. Four double chucks at both front and rear of machine ensure that pipe is automatically gripped and centered. The grip is absolutely non-slip.
* Chuck jaws are easy to replace for both metal and plastic-coated pipe.
* Open wheeled stand with tool tray
* Closed wheeled stand with locking tool cabinet
* All stands are optional equipment at added cost
Rothenberger Collins Classic 22A -1
Rothenberger Collins Classic 22A -2
Rothenberger Collins Classic 22A -3
Threading machine with built-in pipe cutter and reamer, foot-operated safety switch, die heads & dies.
Collins Classic 22-A complete machine with Snap-O-Matic die heads and dies