New * * codonics horizon sf


Subject: New * * codonics horizon sf
Dye-diffusion and direct thermal.
16.7 million colors. 256 levels each of
Three supply cassettes, 50-100 sheets each.
Three receive trays, 50-sheet capacity each.
DirectVista® Film (blue and clear).
DirectVista® Grayscale Paper.
> 3.10 with DirectVista® Film.
> 20 years with DirectVista® Film, under ANSI extended-term storage conditions.
All media is pre-packaged in factory
10/100 Base-T Ethernet (RJ-45),
Standard: TIFF, GIF, PCX, BMP, PGM,
Automatic calibration using built-in densitometer.
Gamma, Contrast, Saturation, Medical
Color Matching (MCM™), Polarity,
Rotation, Scaling, and Antialiasing.
Density Adjustment (Dmax), Look-Up
Tables (LUT), Image Warnings, Captions,
Sheet Coverage, Border Color, Border Fill.
Variable Multi-Formatting (VMF™),
Fixed Multi-Formatting (FMF™),
Large, backlit LCD display. Status lights:
Online, Alert, Fault, and Active. Power
10GB (8GB available for spooling).
100MB ZIP™ Disk for software upgrades.
16KB for storing configuration data.
14.5 (37 cm) H, 20.5(52 cm) W, 24 (61 cm) L.
Operating Temperature: 15-30C.
Operating Humidity: 10-80% R.H.
The articel is new, all seals are still on it!!! And it comes with a 30 days warranty!!!