New cnc express mill / drill milling machine * *


Subject: New cnc express mill / drill milling machine * *
MillMaster Pro for Windows Screen Cap
The latest technology constant current chopping drives used in the DriveRack power electronics result in very high feed and rapid rates, while our fully optoisolated motion controller insures maximum reliability with the use of opto-isolated inputs and outputs on ALL connections. Other systems may use direct connection or a printer port whose reliability is typically not suitable for industrial applications.
Since our CNC machines are designed around existing manual machines, they accept standard tools and accessories. This means you won't have to spend a fortune on specialized or custom tooling. The most commonly needed ones are included with the package for the convenience and added savings. We offer a full assortment of low cost tools and accessories.
MicroKinetics offers the best reasonably priced CNC systems and knowledgeable technical support in the industry. Five year warranty on electronics and one year warranty on mechanics. MicroKinetics has been offering CNC systems to educational institutions, hobbyists, research facilities and small machine shops since 1984 using the same business philosophy, expert engineering and technical support!
X-axis Travel (may be slightly less with limits)
12 speeds (120-2500 RPM)
8 1/4" × 28 1/2" ( (210 mm X 724 mm)
* Limit switches in both directions on X and Y for more convenient referencing and for end of travel without relying solely on mechanical dead stops.
* Lifetime timing belts derated to never break or need replacement in this application but are important in achieving low vibration and smooth operation.
* High voltage drivers offer impressive high speed performance (over 150 Inches per Minute).
* We replace the thrust bearings with high performance Timken (tapered roller) bearings. Other manufacturers use existing thrust bearings that limit the long term reliability and the high speed capability of the machine.
* Custom made 470 oz-in unipolar rated motors deliver 41% more torque in bipolar drive method used here plus a 2 to 1 pulley ratio produces 1,329 oz-in of torque at the shaft.
* Stand and other accessories are included with the system at no extra charge.
* Better software with built in graphic tracing.
* More G-codes and M-codes supported, and Windows 98/XP/2000 support.
* The CNC Express ia an incredible value!
MillMaster Pro for Windows simulates a 3-axis milling type CNC control on any PC running Windows 98/2000/XP. The CNC part program can be typed directly into the editor screen, or can be generated via a CAD/CAM program. The interactive mode allows you to see the operation performed graphically as you type each CNC line, aiding in part program development or training. For documentation purposes, you can print the graphics screen and the part program together or seperately. True circular interpolation on any two axes and simultaneous linear interpolation on all axes are standard. This allows full 3-D surfacing designs to be run on the target 3 axis machine.
* Mill/drill base system with 2 HP single phase or 3 phase motor
* 5TPI (.200") ballscrews at .003" per foot max linear error
* Stepper motors (2) 34M470 (1) 23HT350
* DriveRack high performance power driver
* OptiStep Plus-PC motion controller with feed rate override
* MillMaster Pro for Windows G-code control & graphical software
* Limit switches, cables, and technical manuals.
* Included accessories: Cabinet stand with chip pan, shelf and latched door plus the following pictured accessories:
MN400 USB Motion controller Now Included at no extra charge! A $500 option offers Win XP/2000 support & continuous contouring!
* Georgia residents must pay appropriate sales tax.