New ( ) cml-ercolina model CE40-MR3 ring roller


Subject: New ( ) cml-ercolina model CE40-MR3 ring roller
• Bends large radii with repeatability
• Universal tooling accommodates a wide range of profiles and materials
• All hydraulic models equipped with programmable controls eight individual programs with unlimited passes
• All manual units equipped with patented two speed center roll positioning
• Digital display of center roll position
• Rolling speed up to 20 feet per minute
• All models work vertically and horizontally
• Threaded drive shafts allow fine adjustment of tooling without spacers
• In-line gear reduction in oil bath provides high power transmission efficiency
• Alloyed tempered steel drive shafts mounted in conical roller bearings reduces number of passes
• Hydraulic cylinder for center roll located under machine frame for improved performance
• Foot pedal for hands free operation included
• Adjustable roller system for twist correction
• Tooling storage compartment incorporated into machine base
Price F.O.B. Davenport Iowa $9,400.00