New clark mill vertical milling machine dro & powerfeed


Subject: New clark mill vertical milling machine dro & powerfeed
Equipment is essential to getting the job done right and "accessories" should not be costly "options". Your Clark comes equipped for optimal performance featuring a pre-installed 2-Axis Digital Read Out and Power Feed. It will arrive on your shop floor, fully loaded, with a professionally installed performance package... and is still priced below MSRP!
* Certification ISO 9002 approved
* Installed safeguarding Way Wipers
* Tough Meehanite Castings Throughout
* Double locking Ram, Worktable and Knee
* Ways are Turcite-Lined on both the X and Y Axis
* Strong 3-HP Step-Pulley Head capable of 4,200 RPM
* Double Brass nut used for complete Backlash Compensation
* Hardened and Ground 9x 49 T-slotted Worktable and Slideways
* Precision Ground and Chromed Quill and Spindle Bore with Class-7 Spindle Bearings
* Clark Machine Tool Supply offers a standard 1-year manufacturers warranty against defects, along with Machinery Exchanges 20-day return privilege!
L&R, F&B on a Knuckle Type Joint
Machinery Exchange Retail Price
*Specifications are per manufacturers brochure specifications and are subject to change without notice.
Coolant Ready Nozzle and Interior Pluming
Installed Align brand Power Feed on the X-Axis
Installed Contour Digital Read Out System on the X and Y-Axis
Operational Manuals for B3V Milling Machine, Contour Digital Read Out and Align Power Feed
Clark Machine Tool Supplys Standard ‘One-Year Parts Replacement Warranty, which covers replacement-parts for your Clark Milling Machine
Available Optional Accessories By Request*
Full Splash Guards and Covers- $
Coolant Pump and Drainage System- $
30-Taper Spindle Conversion, Installed- $
Horizontal Milling Machine Head Attachment- $
Powerfeed on X or Y-Axis, Installed- $ each axis
3-Axis Digital Read Out Installed, Replaces Standard 2-Axis DRO- $
*Options are by written request and may affect the price and delivery time of the machine. Pricing may vary and are subject to change without notice. Contact Machinery Exchange prior to purchase for availability and pricing of machines, options and accessories. All New Clark Machines and Accessories are purchased to Order; lead times vary and are subject to change at any time.
All Clark Machines come with a standard Manufacturers 1-Year Warranty. The Warranty covers the entire machine, except where abuse and/or misuse have happened. If Applicable: The Contour Digital Read Out System and Align Powerfeed come with a standard 3-month manufacturers warranty. Warranty covers the entire unit(s), except where abuse and/or misuse have occurred.
Warranty replacement parts can be ordered directly through Machinery Exchange, Inc. Contact Machinery Exchange, Inc to obtain a Return Authorization Number. An RMA will be issued and warranty replacement parts must be sent to Machinery Exchange, freight pre-paid, to be inspected or warranty replacement is void.