New challenger 3, 1500W+ hf amplifier. brand + warranty


Subject: New challenger 3, 1500W+ hf amplifier. brand + warranty
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Challenger 3, 1500W+ HF Amplifier. Brand New + Warranty
The Challenger III uses a Russian GS35 ceramic triode valve.
This is a very rugged valve,which is capable of producing high power for long operating periods.
The Challenger will cover all the HF bands,10-160m with separate band positions for the WARC bands.
There is a massive 2.2kVA toroidal transformer producing 3600V after the voltage doubler board.
Cooling is forced air from a Papst flatpack blower located just under the transformer.
The Challenger III features a new Triode board specially designed by G3SEK,which provides protection for,
grid over-current, plate over-current, over-drive and internal valve flash-over.
It also provides soft-start,warm-up timer,sequenced relays and high speed switching relay.
x 9.5in high x 17in deep 410mm x 240mm x 475mm
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