New cat rexroth hydraulic pump 162-9592 R902043173 AA4V


Subject: New cat rexroth hydraulic pump 162-9592 R902043173 AA4V
NEW Cat Rexroth Hydraulic Pump AA4VG125EP1D1/32R-NSFXXK021E-S
12vdc electro-proportional control
SAE-D 1-3/4" 13-tooth splined shaft
High pressure ports, A&B ports 1-1/4" code 62, 6000 PSI flanged
Thru-drive to accept SAE-B mounts with 7/8" 13-tooth splined shaft
Adjustable high pressure relief valves A&B 1450 PSI - 6100 PSI
Built in adjustable pressure cut off (pressure compensator) POR
**NOTE: This pump must be externally charged, does not have internal charge pump. Pump does have an SAE-B thru-drive pad that and external charge pump could be mounted to.**
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