New brunswick innova 2350 gyratory platform shaker


Subject: New brunswick innova 2350 gyratory platform shaker
New Brunswick innova Model 2350 Gyratory Shaker with PTL-386 Platform
This gyrotory platform shaker is equipped with a triple eccentric ball bearing driveand operates at speeds of 25 to 500 rpm in a 1 inch .orbit, or 25 to 300 rpm in a2 inch orbit. Microprocessor control is augmented with simple keypad entry, and non-volatile memory permits saving of setpoints.
The shaker is equipped with the PTL-386 platform installed.
Power requirements 120VAC 60Hz 1.5A
Speed up to 500 rpm (dependent on configuration)
This system is Refurbished and is being sold with a 90 day parts warranty. Repair service is also available in Southern California. Please feel free to inquire about our various service and maintenance programs.