New brand turri divider,dough divider, bakery equipment


Subject: New brand turri divider,dough divider, bakery equipment
With Teflon Coated 80kg Hopper
The ultimante volumetric dividing machine designed to scale soft and medium dough both of wheat flour and mixed wheat/rye. It is used with very good results also by confectionery industry. The revolutionary dividing system doesn't require cleaning as, at the end of the production cycle, it remains no dough residual in to dividing drum. A simple dividing system delicately divides dough without mistreating or compressing it and enables hi precision in loaf weighing. Dough weights are continuous selected by means of a useful handwheel and values are shown on a special display. Output can be continually controlled and adjusted from 900 min to 2700 pcs/hr max., which places such dividing machine among the most efficient ones.
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* Chromum plated steel dividing drum.
* Intake piston in alluminium treated against corrosion with plastic anti-adhesive head.
* Forced lubrification with oil re-circulation and filtration ensuring the lowest oil consumption.
* Flour sifter with fine adjustment of flour released quantity. It can be disconnected.
* Stainless steel hopper with safety device.
* Height Adjustable conveyor belt.
* Wheel mounted and equipped with locking system.
* Low voltage control board.