New brand total station 2" KTS290


Subject: New brand total station 2" KTS290
* With alpha-numeric and function key (20keys), it is easy and convenient to input character and number;
* Strong ability for electromagnetic anti-jamming;
* Two side LCD display plats can save power and display clearly;
* Integrative desing, fashion, light weight;
* Easy operation, Integrated programs;
* Large internal memory to record 8000 points, memory management system;
* Supply the data download and upload software with PC or data collectors.
Measuring time(Fine/Rapid/tracking)
Photoelectric incremental encoder
8 h(Continuous distance/angle measurements)
The list price do not come with the tripod and reflector system.
Tripod(aluminum,4.5 kg/gross weight), prism set (2 m prism pole,bipod,prism + holder + target + bag,5 kg/gross weight) are optional accessories.And the price are: tripod is USD 32; prism set USD 130; and postage will also increase accordingly.
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