New brand slit lamp SL880 optical system w/joystick


Subject: New brand slit lamp SL880 optical system w/joystick
The 880 Slit Lamp presents a stereoscopic optical system by aiding infusing images at a concentrated focal point.
The SL-880 brings a two-position lever that is located under the optical head that makes it easy to interchange the magnification levels.
A pair of eyepieces are optional in order to change the magnification levels in cases where increased magnification is essential.
The 880 Slit Lamp is capable of magnifications of 10x and 16X with the 10X eyepiece and 16X, 25X with the 16X eyepiece.
Type Cross-angle stereovision
Model of magnifying Change the objective for 2-grade magnification
Total magnification rate Objective x Eyepiece = magnification rate / vision field
1.6x 10x 16x ø14.5mm/0.57in
Range of P.D. adjustment 10x eyepiece 55mm/2.16in to 82mm/3.23in
Diopter adjustment 10x eyepiece ±6
Slit projection magnification 2/3x
Slit width continuous from 0mm/0in to 9mm/0.35in
(at 9mm/0.039in, slit becomes a circle)
Slit height continuous from 1mm/0.039in to 8mm/0.315in
Aperture diameter ø9mm, ø8mm, ø5mm, ø3mm, ø2mm, ø1mm, ø0.2mm
ø0.35in, ø0.315in, ø0.19in, ø0.12in, ø0.08in, ø0.039in, ø0.008in
Slit angle 0o to 180o with horizontal scanning capability
Filter piece heat-absorption, grey, red-free, and blue
Illumination bulb 12V30W halogen bulb
Fore and back movement 90mm/3.54in
Left and right movement 100mm/3.93in
Vertical movement 30mm/1.18in
Vertical movement 80mm/3.15in
Input voltage 100/220V ~±10%
Output voltage Illumination bulb 9.9V, 11.6V
Electrical safe standard Conform to Standard IEC601-1, Class I Type B
Packing box 670 x 570 x 510mm / 26.37 x 22.44 x 20 in
Total weight 23 Kg / 50.6 Lb
Incline it to move the instrument slightly on the horizontal surface and rotate it to adjust the elevation of the microscope.
The slit width is adjustable from 0 to 9 mm.
An illuminated fixed spot for the patient to look at.
Aperture and slit height control knob
Rotate this knob to adjust the spot and slit height. Swing the knob horizontally to revolve the slit.
The base will be locked when this screw is fastened.
The two position lever located under the optical head, makes it easy to interchange the magnification levels.
Two levels are available -H (High), N (Normal).Avoid working continuously at high setting,
as the service life of the bulb will be shortened.
: When the horizontal center of the patient's eye is in line with this mark, the elevation of the microscope controlled by joystick is also in its center position.
There are four filters for selection: Heat-absorption, grey, red-free, and blue
Slit height and aperture display window
Chin-rest elevation adjustment knob: Rotate the knob to adjust the elevation of the chin-rest.
Microscope and illumination arm couple bolt: Fasten this bolt and the illumination arm and the microscope arm can be rotated together. * Subject to change in design or specifications without advance notice.
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