New brand ams cold food & drink sandwich snack machine


Subject: New brand ams cold food & drink sandwich snack machine
can vend up to 30 different selections of sandwiches with first in first out product rotation. This machine has a capacity of over 180 items and is good for accounts such as prisons and factories.
* Includes your choice of Coinco, Conlux, or Mars validator and changer.
* We can customize any refrigerated AMS machine to vend any product you wish
* Bottle-can trays can also be added to this machine to make it a bottle food combo
* Candy trays can be added to this machine
* 1/2+ hp refrigeration unit with triple-pane heated glass
* Compliant with health & safety software regulations
* We are the factory distributor for this machine
* Technical support always available
* Dimensions 35"-(72" x 33.25W x 36"D)
~~~~We can convert this machine to take other countries currencies. Email me for additional information.~~~~~~
* We offer free phone technical support for the life of the machine
* We are an authorized distributor for this machine
We have been in the vending business for 32 years so we have a lot of experience with vending machines. We guarentee this machine to be in great condtion. If you purchase this machine and ever have any questions or problems we will be there to answer your call.
Feel free to email me with any questions
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