New brand 30,000 sq ft pre-fab metal building


Subject: New brand 30,000 sq ft pre-fab metal building
If youre a commercial developer or someone who is looking for a large steel building this maybe your solution in addition to getting the most value for your investment. We are currently offering a 30,000 sq ft steel structure that was originally designed to be an office building. This building has never been assembled, and has been stored in a warehouse since it was manufactured in 2001. We have a copy of the original architectural plans that detail the building structure, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and fire protection. It was originally purchased for $185,000.
The purchaser is purchasing the following items:
i. Length: Front half is 269 ft; Back half is 204 ft
iii. Height: Front half high point is 15 ft. 10 in., Low point is 14 ft. 6 in.; Back half high point is 21 ft. 9 in., Low point is 14 ft. 6 in.
i. Designed in accordance with the Chicago Building Code
ii. Basic Snow Load: Snow Drift provisions Pg = 25PSF
iii. Wind Loads: Wind Speed = 80 mph, Exposure C
2. Siding and Roofing material
The purchaser is responsible for arranging transportation of the building, upon successful completion of the sale.
If you would like to see the structure or a copy of the plans let us know so we can make the appropriate arrangements.