New blue air 49 cuft commercial solid 2 door freezer


Subject: New blue air 49 cuft commercial solid 2 door freezer
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: Commercial Freezer Blue Air S/s 49Cuft 2 Solid Door BASF2 More Models Available Below - Manufacturer: Blue Air - Model: BASF2
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment
Commercial Freezer Blue Air S/s 49Cuft 2 Solid Door BASF2
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Stainless Steel Exterior and Interior
The excellent quality of stainless steel helps minimize the dents, scratch and rust; however it maximizes the tensile and bright smooth sheen. In addition, our stainless steel offers long-life durability and easy maintenance.
Oversized Refrigeration Structure
Blue Air refrigerators/freezers' compressor is bigger than most competitive units balanced with a larger evaporator coil. The compressor motor leads to a long-life without having to replace it; allowing the units to keep the right temperature to maintain food fresh with original appearance under minimum compressor running time.
Offering automatic door alarm system, easy temperature adjusting, quick freezing and simple controlling defrost cycle. A self-manual defrosts, setting ideal temperature range, representing the status of the compressor and evaporator fan.
The bottom mount compressor structure is placed in coolest area to provide wasy and quick service that saves run time. One of the advantages that this unit has to offer is that the food sets higher and it provides a physically healthier environment; for example no bending over exerting yourself, etc.
It simply absorbs the water from the defroster and evaporates it by nature and the air from the condensing fan.
Field Door Reversible with Durable Easily Removable Door Gasket
Single door units can be easily reversed in the field; equipped with long-lasting snap-out magnetic gasket. (tested over 1.2 million times)
CFC-free Foamed-in-place Polyurethane with High Density
With the extra density and close cell you receive energy efficiency.
Simple installation with no plumbing job comes with a 9.8 feet long cord.
Heavy-duty casters built strong, tested NSF standard equipped with two front lock casters.
Each door is equipped with individual's key locks.
Captures elegant design for a stronger look and safety features.
Door Stop for Loading and Unloading
Doors remain open at 110° and self-closing at 95
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