New big joe ibh electric fork lift 1524-T11 1500LB near


Subject: New big joe ibh electric fork lift 1524-T11 1500LB near
The Big Joe IBH Series has been the industry standard since it was introduced in the 1950s.
High grade steel mast construction features interlocked channel and I-beam design with roller bearing surfaces. Mast and carriage is of fully-rollered construction for smooth, long-wearing performance. This type of construction accommodates high lifting stresses and maintains load stability.
Infinitely Variable Lowering Valve.
Ball-type lowering valve provides full range operator control and no-drift check in neutral.
Lift motor is specially selected for peak efficiency at torque and RPM lift pump requirements. All cables and wiring are color coded and/or numbered for easy servicing.
Dual, adjustable and slip resistant for secure positive grip.
Sized to lift requirements to provide peak performance at modest power draw.
Provided on the intake side of the pump. Prevents foreign matter from entering system.
Protects system from overload.
Provides smooth lift/lower operation and long life.
Pressure-Compensated Flow Control Valve.
Located at base of lift cylinder, regulates lowering speed
Continuous seam-welded distortion free.
Power System: 12 volt with built-in charger.
Chassis (Powerhead) Length to Face Of Forks: 23.25"
1524 Series: 12/V, 155 A.H. rubber-clad industrial.
1524 Series: 15 amp. Fully automatic.
1 9/16" floor to bottom of straddle
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