New big 37 cubic foot 58" wide vacuum furnace oven as


Subject: New big 37 cubic foot 58" wide vacuum furnace oven as
Large 37 cubic foot As-New Stainless Steel Vacuum Oven/Furnace Deposition Chamber Double Door plus ~10 ports and 4-layer radiant heat sheilding.
We estimate this unit weighs at least 5000 pounds. It has large doors on either end that allow full chamber-size access from either end.
The placard indicates it was made by Dan-Ka Products of Denver and is model 3100. (We have not been able to locate any information on this company.) The product label says "Vacuum Furnace" which implies it was designed to contain a process a lot hotter than the typical stainless oven and indicated by the 4-layer interior radiant heat sheilding.
(there are foil wrapped foam blocks supporting the heating elements during transport.
There is a mounting pedestal fixture in the center as shown above and below.
It looks like the top was designed to vent. We don't know what they tried to do in this unit but it looks like they succeeded in getting some arcs to the upper heat shield.
The next 3 images are different views of the exterior of the unit. (the panel on the ground mounts up under the door to cover the heating element wiring connections.
There are two large 10" ports on one side of the chamber as shown above (the one in the background is covered and the one in the foreground is not).
The image that follows was thrown in just for the colors shown on the inside of the inner heat shield panels.
The small ports have shutters. The top of the image above shows the shutter inside (hard to see) for the port below right. The handle for moving the shutter in and out of place is to the left of the port in the image below. There are at least 5 of these. The fact that these ports have shutters implies some sort of deposition process.
Three of these shuttered ports as shown below are right above one of the doors. There is also one in the middle of each door.
One of these in the one of the doors got hit by a forklift when this unit was moved-bending the handle and causing it to bind. Not sure what this did to the vacuum integrity of the feed-through but it looks like this should be a minor issue to resolve-if it even is an issue.
This unit is currently wired for single phase 220 volts with the 4 elements series/parallel. As wired it looks like 4400 watts. It looks like it could be wired to run as high as 9KW or as low as 2.4 KW. We did not find markings on the elements to determine what they are rated but they are really big compared to most of the electric elements we see.
The electrical connections to the elements protruding through vacuum feed-throughs are shown below.
The image above shows the bottom port.
Two smaller ports mounted to the large top port are shown in the image below.
Two small ports on the opposite side are shown above. One goes directly into the chamber and the other goes into the base of the plenum leading to the top port.
The chamber is about 58" wide by 22 tall by 51 deep or 37 cubic feet.
One side of the main 4-layer radiant heat shield assembly is about 3.5" from its inner wall to the inner wall of the vacuum chamber. The other side is about 7.25"
The cavity inside the reflective radiant heat shields is about 48" wide by 15 tall by 48 deep but the heating elements do protrude into this space.
The diameter of the top port cover is about 32 inches.
The door surround is about 1.5" thick stainless. The doors are 7/8" thick stainless.
The two large side ports are about 10" ID with about 16" outside flange diameter. They are not right on so we assume they are actually metric.
Other similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your wide vacuum oven application.
excellent as shown-nearly like new although it has clearly been heated up. We did not get any controls with it put can provide controls for nominal additional cost.
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