New berkel 909E premier manual gravity 12" slicer


Subject: New berkel 909E premier manual gravity 12" slicer
Berkel Manual Gravity Feed Slicer:
Model 900E Series Premier Level: High Volume and Full Featured Performance
These heavy-duty workhorses take on foodservice and food retail demands with ease and durability. They make quick work of cheeses, meats, vegetables and more, and include manual and automatic models, as well as manual models with a built-in portion scale.
909E 12" Knife - Premier Model
* MOTOR: 1-speed, powerful 1/2 HP, totally enclosed and permanently lubricated knife motor; thermally protected
* ELECTRICAL: Furnished in 115/60/1, 4.5 amp, AC, ETL listed. Low 12/5 VDC circuitry for added operator protection.
* FINISH/CONSTRUCTION: All food contact areas are stainless steel; sanitary, burnished aluminum ring guard and one-piece base with non-slip feet; unit disassembles quickly without tools for easy cleaning.
* FULL GRAVITY FEED: Full 45 degree product table makes the product feed easier, creating more consistent and uniform slices with less waste. Equipped with rear mounted, stainless steel meat pusher that runs the entire length of the product table to hold product and to minimize waste. An optional screw-in weight is also available. Ergonomic style handle for ease of use.
* KNIFE: a nominal 12.5" (318mm) diameter; hollow ground, hardened and polished forged stainless steel knife
* CUTTING CAPACITY: carriage handles food up to 11" (280mm) wide, by 6" (152mm) high or 8" (203 mm) diameter
* SLICE THICKNESS: Precision gear system with eccentric gear to prevent backlash, provides infinite slice adjustment and consistent cuts of hard or soft foods from tissue thin to a thickness of 27/32" (21mm)
* KNIFE SHARPENER: Built-in, top-mounted, two stone, single lever, knife sharpener with dual-action system; removable and submersible for easy cleaning
* KNIFE RING GUARD: Permanent, tapered knife ring guard covers non-slicing portion of knife even when the sharpener and center plate are removed; ring guard design provides more room behind the knife for easy cleaning
* NO-VOLT RELEASE: Prevents activation of the slicer in the event of a power interruption; operator must restart the slicer.
* Q-P-Q NICKEL PLATED TRANSPORT SLIDE ROD WITH RESERVOIR WICK: E-nickel plated rod undergoes Q-P-Q impregnation increasing the lubricity of the stainless steel reducing wear properties of the rod and brushings.
* ON/OFF SWITCH: Highly reliable, moisture protected, on/off 3 position switch and power indicator light
* CORD & PLUG: Attached 6-foot, flexible, 3-wire cord and plug for grounded receptacle
* PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 20" wide x 29" deep x 21" high
* BOX DIMENSIONS: 32"w x 26"d x 27"h
* WARRANTY: All parts, service and travel coverage for one year, excluding wear items
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New Berkel Manual Gravity Feed Slicer with 12.5" Knife Model 909-E
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