New bench top cnc mini mill X2 complete package combo


Subject: New bench top cnc mini mill X2 complete package combo
The Super X2 Mill Complete Package includes:
* The 3 Axis X2 CNC Mill upgraded with precision Ball screws, homing switches, and R8 Spindle.
* Bob CAD/CAM Software Version 21.4 with 45 days of free phone support
* Bob CAD/CAM Training program : 225 videos, 10 CDs
* Mach 3 Controller Software
* Swarf Rat X2 Mill Training- 6 Full Length DVD's
* Syil America is the ONLY source of the Syil X2 conversion. If you get an offer for one elsewhere, it's a scam..
* CNC Machinist Software Machinist Toolbox for Bob CAD!
* Vise, Clamp Set, Collets, End Mills, Tooling Kit
* X, Y, Z axis are all updated with precision ball screws, heavy duty bearings and direct drive couplers, All providing a very high localization accuracy and repeatability.
* It has three Nema 23 high speed stepper motors for the X, Y, and Z axis .
* Travels X= 9.1" , Y= 3.4" , Z= 8"
* Table size: 15.75" X 3.65"
* The Nema 23 stepper motor is elegantly installed in the top of the machine, directly linked to the Z axis ball screw. This installation has superior accuracy over other conversion plans. Even better, it doesn't take any extra space on the back of the mill.
* All the stepper mounts and ball screw mounts are made of high grade steel, by EDM machines, providing better precision and rigidity over other plans using aluminum.
* The X, Y axis steppers are covered and protected from chips. The Z axis stepper is completely protect in the top of the Mill.
* R8 Spindle with variable speed motor. Gear low/high range selectable from 0-1100 / 0-2500.
* high quality switches are installed in every axis as the limit/origin check switches. They have great accuracy and provide a machine coordinate system just like real industrial machines.
* NC system power supply: (1) 500W switching power supply to supply the three stepper motors. With room to spare.
* For the NC control system, we use a stand alone control box for the X2. It contains the CNC interface board and three stepper drivers, which provide multiple functions such as STEPPER FREE, EMERGENCY STOP, LIMIT/TOOL ADJUST SENSORS, SPINDLE CONTROL, HALF DRIVE CURRENT, OVER-THERMAL PROTECTION, etc.
* The Stepper drivers provide step subdivisions up to 100, Creating the performance close to a servo system. We recommend you use the system with controller software such as MACH, KCAM4, etc.
* To increase dissipation of heat from the electronics in the control box, we've added a 12CM fan into the control box. So you don't need to worry about the temps in almost any workshop.
* Syil America is the ONLY source of the Syil X2 conversion. If you get an offer for one elsewhere, it's a scam..
* All exposed wires are covered by plastic corrugated pipes to keep everything neat and tidy.
* The Z axis hand wheel has been replaced with a switch that you can use for various options, such as coolant control, stepper free, or an additional EMERGENCY STOP.
BobCAD-CAM Version 21 introduces new external file compatibility, powerful CAD wire frame, surface and solids technology and user friendly machining operations for 2D & 3D part making. Version 21 proves that advanced CAD-CAM software can be powerful and loaded with part making functionality, yet still easy to use while also being affordable enough for any shop! From basic 2D machining operations to model design and mold making BobCAD-CAM Version 21 provides you the tool path and g-code to cut your parts FASTER ...SMARTER & EASIER! The following list of features has been added to give you an idea of what Version 21 can do for your design & manufacturing requirements.
You will also be relieved to know that there are NO MAINTENANCE FEES!
* Solid Works File Support NEW
* Para solids File support NEW
* AutoCAD DWG Import (including surfaces & solids)
* DGN (Early Bob CAD file format)
Surface Creation* Rectangular & Circular Plane
* Extrude Surface (with or without draft angles)
* Extend Surface function NEW
CAD & Solid Modeling* CAD-2D & 3D Design with Wire frame, Surfaces & Primitive Solids
* Surface & solid model verification NEW
* Solid Edit-Boo lean Operations Union, Difference & Intersection
* Independent/Constant & Variable Radius Filleting
* Independent & Constant Chamfering
* Automatic “Erase Doubles Geometry Cleanup NEW
* Automatic Stitch surfaces to Solid
* Automatic Un-Stitch surfaces from Solid
* Project text and geometry onto surfaces NEW
Tool path & Machining Operations
* Definition boundary machining
* Auto CUT, CUT Single & CUT ALL machining options
* 3 Axis Solid or Surface Tool path wizard for high speed machining
* Isolation Surface Machining
* Use Full Part & To Part Edge tool path options
* Pocketing with island avoidance or Tape right Wall
* Automatic Spiral & Horizontal tool path
* Profiling - Open & Closed Shapes. Automatic Profile Wizard including variable linear and radial approach & depart. Automatic cutter compensation included
* Engraving with solid fonts, true type fonts and Single Line Fonts
* Bolt hole Patterns Grid & Circular
* Planar, Radial & Spiral Tool path Creation Wizards for solid models and Surface roughing and finishing.
3 Axis Milling* Horizontal Z Axis Roughing
* Horizontal Z Axis Finishing
* Surface Roughing Skin Surface, Revolved Surface, Swept Surface, Ruled Surfaces, Radial Surfaces
* Surface Finishing Skin Surface, Revolved Surface, Swept Surface, Ruled Surfaces, Radial Surfaces
* Spiral Skin Surface Tool path
* Gears Creation & Machining NEW
* Clean Circle Roughing & Finishing
* Project Text Onto Surfaces Roughing and Finishing NEW
* Project Text To Curves Roughing & Finishing
* Surface Machine Around Raised Text Roughing & Finishing
* Direct Surface Tool path To Wire frame
CAM & Communications* RS 232 Communications Fully Customizable by the operator
* DNC Communications - Fully Customizable by the operator
* Post Processor Configurations - Fully Customizable by the operator
* Customizable Tool Library, Tool Boxes & Icons
* Color Coded NC Codes Operator Definable
* Solid NC Verification/Part Simulation
* Hole Making, Drilling, Tapping, Boring, and Reverse Boring
* Scripting Capability and Library
* Create & Record Operations
2 Axis Lathe* Customizable Tool Library
* Grooving, Slotting and Facing
* Multimedia Training CD Videos NEW
* Training Seminars On Location or at our International Training School. Call or for availability and scheduling.
Artsoft the makers of Mach, have been in the CNC (computer numerical control) business for the past 4 years. In this time the Mach series of CNC software has evolved to be the best available PC, CNC software on the market. Not only is it extremely affordable to industry, and the hobbyist, it is pioneering in its features, and continuing development. There are many 1000s of users of Mach who swear by its ease of use, great features and support.
Swarf Rats 6 DVD set on The X2 made by a master machinist.
Bob Cad's complete Software training Program. Over 200 videos on 10 CDs.
Please Contact Us with any and all questions!!
Syil America is the ONLY source of the Syil X2 conversion. If you get an offer for one elsewhere, it's a scam..