New bausch & lomb millennium eye microsurgical phaco


Subject: New bausch & lomb millennium eye microsurgical phaco
For Sale: NEW Bausch & Lomb Millennium Vetrectomy MicroSurgical System. Manufactured 2004
This Brand New system was purchased 2 years ago by a local hospital for $80,000 but it was never used.
The Millennium microsurgical system delivers on the promise of a platform with innovative technology. For the latest advancement in fluidics control for the cataract surgeon, Bausch & Lomb Surgical offers Millennium Advanced Flow System (AFS) and Custom Control Software (CCS) which take you beyond cold phaco with a new hyper-cool level of control. Additionally, surgeons can use both flow and vacuum response in the same procedure. Programming options allow for virtually unlimited parameters of storage and surgeon-controlled mode switching. With its modular design, the Millennium system integrates innovation for today and the future.
* Hi-Speed Vetrectomy Module
* Bipolar Eraser 25GA Blunt E7921
* Aspirating Cannula 25GA E0524
* Tray Sterilization 3''x6'' E7409
* Bipolar Cord with Lemo CX9430
* Forcepts Plug Remover 25GA E8709
* Scissors Vert 25GA Tip Low GLA ET8708
* Forcepts Micro 25GA Black Tip ET8509
* Micro Pic Forcepts 25GA Tip Low ET8508
* Bipolar Eraser 25GA Tapered E7920
* x3 Handle Retinal Titanium ET8199
This unit is New and Guaranteed to be fully functional
Condition: NEW/ Warranty: Guaranteed to work
With questions please contact me: Gary Hanukayev
Please see the pictures below for details